thomas epidemic

Thomas the Tank Engine first entered our home a little over a year ago. At first it was fine, because it was just by way of the TV on Saturday mornings. I was worried at first because Thomas kind of drove me crazy, and I was bound and determined that I wouldn't have a Thomas-obsessed son. I had heard stories of this maddening obsession and I was a wee-bit terrified. Plus Thomas's big eyes kinda freaked me out.

Well, the TV show was a hit, and Taylor ate it up like candy. I was grateful that it was only on on Saturday mornings though. What a relief!
Until the first Thomas the Tank Engine DVD found its way into our home. The floodgates had opened. Thomas was in the house.

My friend Marie warned me of this Thomas Epidemic, but I didn't listen. Well, I did, but I was in denial, and had the 'it won't happen to us' syndrome. It did. Marie was right. I should have taken her warnings more seriously.
First it was one DVD, and then another, and then 'oh, just one more'. Well, now we have a home full of Thomas DVDs, but it doesn't stop there.

Taylor received some Thomas trains and tracks from a handful of family members over the holidays and at first it was awesome. Taylor was engaged in the trains and it kept him busy for an hour at a time - a little piece of heaven for a parent.

BUT then things got out of control. Train tracks are scattered from one end of the house to another, and definitely not intact on the train table (that would make too much sense). There are train cars under the couch, hidden in toy bins and in the car (because he can't leave home without the green engine, Percy). What happened to keeping it all on the table to play with it, where things are contained and it's organized chaos? I'd like to know what happened.
Well, it happened.

Taylor has been so exposed to Thomas that he's starting to talk like him. You know how they talk, right? They use grown up words and have accents and they are just kind of strange.

So, anyway, the other day Trask said something to Taylor that just didn't sit right with the 2-1/2 year old kiddo.

Taylor's response to Trask was hilarious, and went like this:

"Dad! You are making me CROSS!"

Come on, who says that? Thomas the Tank Engine lovers do. And it cracks me up that the word 'cross' left my son's mouth. Trask didn't really have a response to Taylor's statement, so perhaps I'll borrow that phrase the next time I need to get the last word in!

And in case you were wondering, Thomas has now invaded bath-time. Taylor now has a boat (can't remember the boat's name) for the bathtub that carries Thomas. So now Taylor constantly wants a bath. He's had 3 baths in the past 24-hours, I kid you not.
Thanks Thomas.

So what am I going to do now? I am going to expose Thomas the Tank Engine to every young child in our family and get everyone hooked so I am not alone. Is that mean? I kind of don't care.

Please note that I don't have a thing against Thomas, I just don't understand the pull he has on children! It's like catnip for cats. And I kinda like Percy way better than Thomas, that cheeky little engine.


Julie said...

Funny you write this. I put it on the other day for Aud. She didn't seem that thrilled about it... but, she does have a Telly-Tubby fetish... yippee.

Angela said...

I am 35 and we do not have children yet...stuff like this makes me realize how lucky I am to control my own television set.

Cartoons drive me bananas and The Wiggles make me want to pluck my eyballs out and go deaf.

But, those sweet little children do love it! As an Aunt, I watch hours of Noggin everytime I babysit my nephew.

sassypackrat said...

Reading this post brought back many memories! My son will be 20 in the Fall but when he was 3 or 4 Thomas was everything to him. At the time you really could only buy the individual trains and he had them all! I think there was a switching station playset but nothing like the playsets you can get today. We watched it on tv and had VHS tapes and t-shirts and a bedding set etc, etc.

So I'm super embarrassed that I brought up a train themed birthday having gone through all the Thomas Drama myself years ago! Things kind of fade into your memory until they are jogged out.

Don't worry the Thomas obession won't last forever but be aware it's only the first of many! Sorry but I thought you should know!

marie said...

please don't be a catalyst for thomas obsession with parker. if it happens it happens but we don't need you puttin' any ideas into his head.

kristi said...

so 1. the trains are in the mail. been there. done that. your turn.
and 2. you might want to start shopping for legos on ebay now. that's next. I'll shoot you a photo of Gage's room some time and you might just start to embrace that damn train...

oh, and keep the train table. it makes a good home for star wars lego ships.

robin said...

i think thomas is the only thing my 3 yr old really plays with. of course i started out just like you, but thomas took over the house. what is funny is that if you look at the set of the show it is like a train on a stationary table! it probably costs the old guys in their train club about a 100th of the cost to produce the show! the have got to be gagillionaires! and yes....i have heard my son say "cinders and ashes!!!" when he was excited.