New: Giveaway Love

So, do you like winning things? You do! Hmmm...

Can I just tell you that I am having a giveaway EVERY Friday on my lemon drop studio blog? True story! And this week happens to be the 1st week - so I think you better go check it out!! Click right HERE to go take a peek, and to enter!

I am very excited about this Friday Giveaway Love series!! I have giveaways lined up until July 17th so far, and believe me, they are ALL awesome!

I have decided that it's just a lot of fun to give things away, and it's fun to help promote other fun Etsy shops! And it's also because I never win ANYTHING, so maybe that's just not my calling. Perhaps my calling is to help others win.

Please note, this does not make me a loser. I am a winner in life.


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