boreas bed + breakfast inn

It's really happening. Trask and I are going away for a night without Taylor.

You may remember that this has happened once before, about a year ago, and as punishment for leaving him, I was plagued with food poisoning and spent our night alone in our apartment barfing, holding my puke bucket while Trask and I watched Hot Chick on the couch, semi-snuggling as he held my hair back.

I know this trip will be better! We are going to be staying at Boreas Bed + Breakfast Inn, and I am already excited... I love breakfast. Especially breakfast that I don't have to prepare.

I have never been to Long Beach, Washington, so I am very excited. I have heard that the beach combing there is great. I LOVE beach treasures, so I will be on the look-out! It will be so nice to have some time with Trask. I will miss Taylor like crazy, though.

Taylor is going to have a blast while we are gone. He is going with his Nana and Pampa up to their property in Trout Lake, Washington, to camp in their trailer and play in their dirt pile that was created for him. They haven't built a house on the land yet, but Taylor will be more than excited to spend time up there in the dirt, and with the tractor.

We're still trying to figure out what we're going to do with our dog, Maddie. I am hoping that one of Trask's co-workers can be bribed to take her for one night with perhaps a bottle of wine or two.


guest blogger

I just shared my thoughts on a very touchy subject of mine on my sweet friend Marie's Blog, Behind the Scenes of a Life in Progress.

Let me know what you think! And THANK YOU MARIE, for allowing me to be a part of your blog! You are welcome to guest blog on mine ANY TIME!


answering a few questions

Why hello there. Good to see you.

I thought I'd answer a couple of the questions that were emailed in to me... are you ready for some answers? Please note that that does not mean that they are legitimate answers, but they are my answers.

Question: What is your favorite quote?

Answer: I have several quotes that I like, but two that I really love. And no, I am not choosing some of the amazing things that I have made up over the years. Basically anything I say is amazing and totally quotable, but it's not always about me.

Here are my two favorite quotes:

  • There are only two lasting bequests we can hope to give our children. One is roots; the other, wings. - Hodding Carter

  • We could have never loved the earth so well if we had had no childhood in it. - George Eliot
Question: If you could go anywhere for vacation, where would you go?

Answer: After stopping in Florida to harass Winn for awhile, I'd go spend as much time possible in New Zealand. I have always wanted to go there. And to stay there. For forever. Or just for three to five weeks. I have never been.

My favorite place that I have already been to is Kauai, Hawaii. The eastern part of the island is my favorite, but I also love the North Shore.

If anyone wants to trade 50 pounds of awesomely hot fat for a few plane tickets to NZ or Kauai, please let me know and we'll make the arrangements accordingly. Totally a fair trade, because you can stick the fat wherever you want.

Thanks for the questions! Keep them coming and I'll answer more soon!




You've got questions, and I have answers. Please email me with questions you have, about anything. Periodically I will post the questions and my answers to them. Not all the answers will be correct or true, but that's okay.

Questions can be about me, or just random fact questions or just mysteries of the world. I know it all. Or I have a smart-ass answer for it all.

Come on, it'll be fun. The first person to send me a question, either via email or a comment on this post, will get a prize. A good prize. Not a dumb one.

Questions can be emailed to: lemondropstudio@gmail.com

I'm waiting...

Giveaway Love: Week 2

Today is the last day to enter to win lemon drop studio's 2nd Giveaway Love giveaway prize.

This week it's a lovely necklace made by Jessica's Jazzy Jewelry, and it would look great dressed up or just with a t-shirt and jeans. Very cute!!

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How many times have you sprayed yourself directly in the eyes while trying to take the lid off of the can of PAM cooking spray?

My score: 4 times.

Why am I so desperate for a blog post that I give my readers more examples of how NOT graceful I am?!


in love

I'm in love and I don't care who knows it!

Someone help me make this happen. I need it. I could stare at this picture for hours.

From Martha Stewart's email, of course!



Dear Friday,

Thank you so much for getting here. Sometimes you tend to dawdle and be way too slow, but I am thankful you are here, nonetheless.

I want you to know, sweet Friday, that my husband and son are very thankful you are here. You have lifted my spirits and scared my bad mood away! For that, I am sure they are forever grateful, and are your #1 fans.

Can you please talk to your good pals Saturday and Sunday and tell them to last longer than they usually do?

Your BFF,

PS: Readers. Would you like to start your weekend off right? Take a swing over to lemon drop studio's blog and enter Giveaway Love. A new giveaway was just posted this morning!

PPS: Yes, I know that my picture has nothing to do with today's post, but I haven't posted a picture in a long time, it feels like. Wanted to let you catch a glimpse of my brief Oceanside visit last weekend.


I'm a clapper.

Confession time: when I am really excited, I clap.

I almost wish that this could be the end of this post, but there's more. My sweet husband really makes fun of me for clapping when I am happy. I'm not sure if it's because I am clapping, or the things that excite me enough to clap.

Times I have clapped, without even knowing I was clapping, and ended up getting mocked and made fun of by Trask and/or Taylor and/or more family/friends:
  • We are at my in-laws' home eating dinner when a magician comes to the house. Don't ask why, that's another story, but it was okay that he was there. Anyway, the magician is doing tons of tricks for Taylor, and Taylor is just loving it! But Taylor is two. I loved the magician just as much as Taylor did, if not more. And after a few tricks, what was I doing? I was clapping! Not a loud, boisterous clap. It's a quiet, excited, frantic clap. Usually when doing said clap, I have my shoulders up to my ears and I can't contain a stupid smirk or smile. Magic tricks are awesome.

  • Taylor and I are at Fred Meyer waiting in line at the deli to pick up some turkey. Probably smoked turkey. After telling the deli-lady how much turkey I wanted, Taylor and I waited patiently. And then she handed me the bag of turkey. And the bag of turkey was one of those Ziploc closing kind, with the plastic zipper-type thing! This delighted me! Now I'll know it's really sealed! Finally! I start clapping. And then I take it a step further and say 'oh yay! you finally have the bags with zippers!' Her reaction: a blank stare. Doesn't matter, I was still so happy.

  • Just last weekend the family went over to Tillamook to have lunch at my husband's Grandparents' house, along with a whole bunch of family. I was already pretty happy because I knew we were having turkey sandwiches. I love turkey sandwiches. What I didn't know was that it was going to be from a whole, roasted turkey. YUM. We all made our sandwiches and sat down. I was sitting with my son, my sister in law, Grandma and my mother in law. I took a bite. I had to then put the sandwich down and start clapping. Yes, I clapped. I clapped because OH MY GOSH, it was so dang good! They all just laughed at me. And then I said, 'turkey sammies just make me so happy' while clapping more. My mother in law's reply: 'Shauna gets very excited about her food.' I didn't even care, I ate more and clapped more and enjoyed my lunch.
Please tell me that some of you are clappers, too?! Please tell me that I am not alone. I am just enthusiastic, that's all. Am I a complete dork?

Clappers Unite.

well after that last line, yes, I suppose I am a dork.


racism in the aquarium

On Monday, I got made fun of by Pet Smart. I got made fun of because I returned a fish back to the store. A black fish. And I didn't return him because he was black. It was because he was the biggest jerk I've ever encountered, of the fish variety. I know plenty of humans that are jerkier than this fish. We'll call him Big Mean.

It started off innocently enough. On Friday Taylor and I went to the store to get some cleaning supplies for his fish tank. He's had his 5-gallon fish tank (with 2 great orange molly fish and a frog) for a month, and it was time to clean it.

While we were there, Taylor asked for one more fish. The sweet and timid fish-girl said that one more would be fine for our tank, and to pick out another molly fish, because they are easy, nice and school together. Easy enough. I picked a black fish. He was big and beautiful. Ahem.

Well, the tank gets cleaned and in goes Big Mean. At first all is fine, and then minutes later, things take a turn. Big Mean is chasing the other fish around and biting at their tails. I thought I'd give him a bit to get acclimated to the new tank and his tank-mates.

Turns out there's a chip on Big Mean's shoulder. There was no getting acclimated. He had the other two fish so scared they hid behind the filter, all stressed out. And didn't come out. Ever. The frog was fine, by the way. If one fish tried to leave it's hiding spot, Big Mean charged at it and scared it back into submission. This tactic is kind of the same one I used to get proposed to, but that's another story.

Well, the chip on Big Mean's shoulder, I feel, in all of my fish psychology and expertise, stems from him feeling singled out, being the only black fish in the tank. While these two orange fish were nothing but welcoming and friendly, he was angry. Angry at Aquarium Racism. He couldn't get past the..., well..., past the past.

After a whole weekend of violent behavior, it was time to take the fish back to his other friends. He DID come from a tank of all black fish, so perhaps he was uncomfortable. He lashed out out of fear. Perhaps. It doesn't matter. What matters is that Pet Smart laughed at me for returning him and said that molly fish are the nicest fish ever.

I simply told them 'not when they are victims of aquarium racism.'

That shut them up.

The aquarium is back to normal. 2 orange fish and a frog.