Dear Friday,

Thank you so much for getting here. Sometimes you tend to dawdle and be way too slow, but I am thankful you are here, nonetheless.

I want you to know, sweet Friday, that my husband and son are very thankful you are here. You have lifted my spirits and scared my bad mood away! For that, I am sure they are forever grateful, and are your #1 fans.

Can you please talk to your good pals Saturday and Sunday and tell them to last longer than they usually do?

Your BFF,

PS: Readers. Would you like to start your weekend off right? Take a swing over to lemon drop studio's blog and enter Giveaway Love. A new giveaway was just posted this morning!

PPS: Yes, I know that my picture has nothing to do with today's post, but I haven't posted a picture in a long time, it feels like. Wanted to let you catch a glimpse of my brief Oceanside visit last weekend.


w said...

rah rah rah.

not to be confused with raw raw raw.

Sara said...

What lovely, citrus-y earrings you have =)