I'm a clapper.

Confession time: when I am really excited, I clap.

I almost wish that this could be the end of this post, but there's more. My sweet husband really makes fun of me for clapping when I am happy. I'm not sure if it's because I am clapping, or the things that excite me enough to clap.

Times I have clapped, without even knowing I was clapping, and ended up getting mocked and made fun of by Trask and/or Taylor and/or more family/friends:
  • We are at my in-laws' home eating dinner when a magician comes to the house. Don't ask why, that's another story, but it was okay that he was there. Anyway, the magician is doing tons of tricks for Taylor, and Taylor is just loving it! But Taylor is two. I loved the magician just as much as Taylor did, if not more. And after a few tricks, what was I doing? I was clapping! Not a loud, boisterous clap. It's a quiet, excited, frantic clap. Usually when doing said clap, I have my shoulders up to my ears and I can't contain a stupid smirk or smile. Magic tricks are awesome.

  • Taylor and I are at Fred Meyer waiting in line at the deli to pick up some turkey. Probably smoked turkey. After telling the deli-lady how much turkey I wanted, Taylor and I waited patiently. And then she handed me the bag of turkey. And the bag of turkey was one of those Ziploc closing kind, with the plastic zipper-type thing! This delighted me! Now I'll know it's really sealed! Finally! I start clapping. And then I take it a step further and say 'oh yay! you finally have the bags with zippers!' Her reaction: a blank stare. Doesn't matter, I was still so happy.

  • Just last weekend the family went over to Tillamook to have lunch at my husband's Grandparents' house, along with a whole bunch of family. I was already pretty happy because I knew we were having turkey sandwiches. I love turkey sandwiches. What I didn't know was that it was going to be from a whole, roasted turkey. YUM. We all made our sandwiches and sat down. I was sitting with my son, my sister in law, Grandma and my mother in law. I took a bite. I had to then put the sandwich down and start clapping. Yes, I clapped. I clapped because OH MY GOSH, it was so dang good! They all just laughed at me. And then I said, 'turkey sammies just make me so happy' while clapping more. My mother in law's reply: 'Shauna gets very excited about her food.' I didn't even care, I ate more and clapped more and enjoyed my lunch.
Please tell me that some of you are clappers, too?! Please tell me that I am not alone. I am just enthusiastic, that's all. Am I a complete dork?

Clappers Unite.

well after that last line, yes, I suppose I am a dork.


-Trask said...

ummm, this is the best post ever. although it might need to be changed to 'ode to turkey.'

thanks for making me smile :)

sassypackrat said...

I'm a closet clapper. I do so admire you for being "out" with your clapping! I guess I'm just too shy! I've never clapped for turkey but an awesome cupcake will get me going! And who doesn't love magic tricks? Yeah I'd clap in public for that for sure!

w said...

i clap all the time. but to different degrees. like.

1. clap! listen to me!
2. clap clap! light be gone1
3. clap clap clap! yay!
4. clap snap! ole!
5. cover mouth clap! yawn.


Sara said...

I do the same thing..."yay"-ing...clapping...squealing over ridiculous things, especially food...I also do a happy dual-fist-shaking thing - not sure if you've seen Ghost World, but there's a pretty good example of that behavior in there :)

Julie said...

you're retarded.

Sara said...

I've seen you do much worse, can I say Toby????

Kearsie said...

But I'll bet you don't clap like some weirdos I know (read: me) at the line in the bank when you get to the teller. Then when she asks how you want it you say "All ones please as I'm going to a strip club tonight" and she laughs. I might need to start taking medication.