it's a hot summer!

Hi Friends!

Sorry I haven't been blogging. I am sure you have missed me. What have I been up to? I've been whining non-stop about the hot weather. I am an Oregonian for a reason. I don't do well in the sweltering heat. It's been 105 and 108 around here and that makes for a very cranky lady. Mix in constant morning sickness and you have a killer recipe for a hormonal, crying, neurotically laughing, under motivated Shauna.

I have yet another due date. It turns out my doctor really knows vaginas, but doesn't know much about math. After much adjusting, mathematical equations and some soul searching, my due date is February 27th.

It appears from my poll that you are convinced I am either having a girl or a unicorn. I am hoping for either a girl or a boy, and not a unicorn, because I imagine that giving birth to a unicorn is frightfully painful, even more than a human baby head. And body.

Speaking of newborns, my sweet nephew Liam Daniel was born yesterday!! I can't wait to go meet the little fella today with Trask and Taylor. We couldn't be happier for Summer, Aaron and Big Sister McKenna!!

Okay, off to go try to clean the house and and stay cool.



At the left hand side of my blog you'll find a poll - place your bet on whether this baby, called Nugget, will be a girl or a boy.

guessing game

I have been away for far too long, but believe me, I have felt the Guilt, smothering me, for not blogging like I should be. But, the reality is, I haven't been doing much. At all.

Morning sickness has kicked in, and it came with a vengeance. Perhaps it was because at the very beginning of my pregnancy I felt fine, and then said, "I can't believe I'm not even sick." Famous last words.

Can I just ask why it's called Morning Sickness? Because I have it all day long and all night long. I am not barfing. I just feel like I have to, all the time. Like I could gag at any minute. And you know what makes me sick? The smell of laundry detergent. True story.

I went to the doctor last week (with my son!). This appointment was just the pee in a cup barrel of fun, medical history and then blood work. My son creeped me out a few times during this hour-long appointment. The first time was when he asked if he could hold the pee-sample cup. NO SON! And then he creeped me out when he was playing with the, um, long swabs, on the doctor's special tray. And yes, he played with them and came at me with them, with a threatening look on his face. Terror paralyzed me. And then there was when he was watching them draw my blood and he asked if he could have a "jar of Mommy's blood." I asked him if he was Billy Bob Thorton. The nurse looked amused. He wasn't allowed my blood. I worked hard to give them those three vials. Anyway...

I go in tomorrow for an exam and an in-office ultrasound to try to confirm and solidify my due date. They tentatively said I was 8 weeks along and have a due date of about February 21st, 2010. But that was a lot of guessing, because my body is so out of whack, makes it hard to pinpoint how far along I am.

So, what have I been craving, you ask? Here's my list of things I can't get off of my mind:
  • fruit sounds good, all the time, but not bananas
  • I can't get enough of Design*Sponge
  • I am constantly thinking of restoring furniture pieces
  • I want a new couch
  • trying to figure out how to maximize the space in my house to try to cram more in
  • nesting already (even when I am not preggers)
  • trying to guess the gender of my child
  • baby names
  • hardwood floors
  • the color orange
  • sewing (I think about it, I don't do it)



Our family of 3 will soon be a family of 4!

Details after the Holiday weekend!!

Have a happy and safe Fourth!

And stop annoying your neighbors with those dumb fireworks. Know when to call it quits. And save it for the 4th only. We don't need a pre-show days before or an encore days after!!