it's a hot summer!

Hi Friends!

Sorry I haven't been blogging. I am sure you have missed me. What have I been up to? I've been whining non-stop about the hot weather. I am an Oregonian for a reason. I don't do well in the sweltering heat. It's been 105 and 108 around here and that makes for a very cranky lady. Mix in constant morning sickness and you have a killer recipe for a hormonal, crying, neurotically laughing, under motivated Shauna.

I have yet another due date. It turns out my doctor really knows vaginas, but doesn't know much about math. After much adjusting, mathematical equations and some soul searching, my due date is February 27th.

It appears from my poll that you are convinced I am either having a girl or a unicorn. I am hoping for either a girl or a boy, and not a unicorn, because I imagine that giving birth to a unicorn is frightfully painful, even more than a human baby head. And body.

Speaking of newborns, my sweet nephew Liam Daniel was born yesterday!! I can't wait to go meet the little fella today with Trask and Taylor. We couldn't be happier for Summer, Aaron and Big Sister McKenna!!

Okay, off to go try to clean the house and and stay cool.


Tinkerbelly said...

Not to point out the horrible obvious but you get to go through the worst part of the first trimester during the hottest part of summer and the worst part of the third trimester during the coldest part of winter....Good luck with that...

Anonymous said...

I like that you're not afraid to blog about your girlie parts. haha.

Kearsie said...

Does it just shout my immaturity that I'm still snickering b/c you said "vagina"?


Well, unicorn or girl, whatever, I'm making your baby some goods.

sassypackrat said...

Hang in there, summer won't last forever. Also be glad that you aren't at the end of your pregnancy in this heat. I had 2 unbearable summers where I was as large as a house & wishing for a winter babies!