girl name.

I think Trask and I have a girl name nailed down, finally! If we have a little girl, her name is going to be Elliot. And if she hates it, she can go by Elle, Ella or Ellie or Milicent. Or hey you, girl with the boy name. Whatever she wants.

I've decided that no one in this child's generation will know anything about the movie ET either, so we don't have to worry about that. Ellllllioooooot.

We haven't come up with a middle name for Elliot yet. But we're close. And we're closer to coming up with boy names.

I am at 13 weeks now and am feeling a bit better, but still dragging, and not my normal self. The boys accompanied me to the doctor last Friday and we heard the heartbeat. A steady 160 beats per minute. There's nothing like hearing that heartbeat, I could listen to it all day long. So amazing.

My doctor is recommending I go see a counselor because with this pregnancy, my anxiety is just out of control. Besides the normal hormone fluctuations, mine were out of whack to begin with, so they are really messing with me. I am hoping a counselor can help me sort things out and learn to handle my anxiety a bit better. I am looking forward to being more of myself.

I hope everyone is doing great. I can't tell you all how ready I am for fall, my very favorite season. I am ready for pumpkins, pretty leaves, cold, crisp days, walks and sweaters. My favorites! And can't wait for the smell of my pumpkin spice candles and just being all cozy. I love the fall! Wish it lasted longer.


Angela said...

I love the name Elliot for a girl! So sweet.

Sara said...

What a great name! I like how there can be many nicknames. You could also name a boy Elliot too if you wanted, it's such a great name maybe you could use it either way?
I, too yearn for fall. SCARVES, SWEATERS! Using the fireplace! I'm excited already! :)

Anonymous said...

Ever watch scrubs? Wasn't that the blond docs name? I LOVE IT.

Kearsie said...

Dear Elliot In Utero,
I have many plans for fabric treats for you. So please be a girl, because I don't know how to make fabric treats for boys.
Your Aunt Who Really Isn't Your Aunt,

Carrie Hutchings said...

I love it! Elliott was on my short list for boys names this time around. :)

w said...

i'm a bit disappointed. what happened to winn?

Jill said...

I love Elliott! Elliott Rogers. Very cool, and not very heard of, even better!!! :) She won't be one of 9 Elliotts in the classroom and have to go by Elliott R, Little Elliott, Big Elliott, or forced into some other random nickname just because there are so many others! Sorry, I just always felt so bad for the Sarah's I went to school with! I can't wait for Fall either!!!