Trask and I have been busy rearranging our bedroom to make room for the little one's crib and such. I have been going through bouts of motivation, followed by a week of laziness that makes me feel worthless. I guess it'll all get done, that's why we have 9 months to plan/worry.

We've been taking it corner by corner, space by space at a time. Not only rearranging, but re-evaluating what we need to keep and what we need to get out of the house to optimize our small space.

Today, I present you a corner of my bedroom that is finished and is just how I like it. (Well, I wanna stain or paint the dresser, but that'll wait a year or two...). Would you like to see my corner? Okay, here it is:

Ta-dah. Pretty cute, right? And I used everything I already owned. Think of all the savings. Not that I don't want to shop, but how can I shop for that kind of stuff now, when there are so many other things we have to get to prepare for this little nugget.

There you go. Just wanted to share. I'll share more when other corners come together. Off to go back to cleaning... I think I've found something to occupy my mind with so I am not so anxious - cleaning. Oh, and I am going to go eat a cookie or two. Oreos.


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Anonymous said...

your whole apartment must be adorable. love it. thanks for sharing.