sleep deprivation: a flashback

Gearing up and mentally preparing for my second child has been tough. Tough because I'm already tired now, and I know that I'll be even more tired when the sweet nugget of baby gets here. (after I push it out, not like after it's delivered by FedEx, that would be way too easy).

I love looking back at the funny things that Trask and I did in the midst of our sleep deprivation once Taylor was born.

First, Taylor was a sweet bundle of always awake and only happy if a food source is in my mouth kind of kid. This made for difficult nights. Taylor was not a good nurser at all, so I did a lot of pumping. A lot of pumping.

I'd wake up a few times a night and go out to the living room, turn on my TV (without cable) and turn on the pump and try not to fall asleep with the crazy milkers falling off of myself, drenching myself in my own milk, wasting the liquid gold that seemed to make Taylor so happy. There was nothing on TV. Nothing. Infomercials. That is all. And I remember ONE time God smiled down on me and put an episode of Mama's Family on TV. Because God and I are tight. He does favors for me all the time, but this was a fave.

So with all the pumping, and then feeding Taylor when he'd wake up, etc, sleep was not a frequent thing. We were SO first time parents. We had no schedule and no clue.

Things started getting really weird at night once we'd go so long without quality rest. The stories are plenty, but I won't bore you with all of them.

One night I woke up to Trask unplugging the floor lamp in our bedroom. Right next to where Taylor was sleeping. Sleeping! Our conversation went a little something like this:

Me: Trask, what are you doing?

Trask: I am moving the lamp.

Me: But WHY?

Trask: Because the book said to.

Me: WHAT book?

Trask: The book at the end of the bed.

(there is no book at the end of the bed)

Me: Trask. What are you doing that for?!

Trask: The book said Taylor would eat better if the light was moved closer to you.

Me: You are wrong. Go to bed.

Trask: Okay.

So Trask was a wreck. Incorporating made up feeding techniques in his sleep and trying to pass it off as advice from a book that didn't exist. Completely normal. I still make fun of him for this. But then he makes fun of me for this...

It was not uncommon for me to wake up thinking that I had fallen asleep feeding Taylor, and thinking that I had lost him in the blankets. I would search and search and find out that I wasn't nursing Taylor at all, but had my baby blanket (yes, my baby blanket) in my arms, holding it like a baby and trying to get my blanket to nurse. Go ahead and analyze this if you must. I am messed up, I know. Now to just figure out WHY. And by the way, my blanket never figured out how to nurse.

I can't even wait to see what this baby makes us do. I know this time I am going to try so much harder with breastfeeding, that way I don't have to be awake to feed and to pump. I am excited that I finally figured that one out. I also can't wait to see what kind of furniture Trask moves around, trying to find the optimal room organization that fosters positive eating habits for baby and mom.

You may think we have no business making babies, since I try to nurse blankets and Trask rearranges the house in his sleep, but I think we're pretty dang good parents, so far!

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Jill said...

You two are hysterical, but you are definitely the best parents ever!