thanks, scale

I just got the nicest compliment from my electronic bathroom scale.

I stepped on and it read 'Lo'. At first I really wanted to think that I weighed too little and it was telling me I was too light to weigh. But then I realized that the batteries were low.

Needless to say, I am not replacing the batteries until after this baby is born, and I will continue to believe that my scale thinks I am too skinny.

Found a new best friend today.


w said...

a "lo" readout is better than "err". which is what i often get. the manual says it's for "error" - like i didn't stay still. but i think the scale is mocking me. and going "errrrrrrr... you really want me to tell you?"


and to make matters worse. my word verification is "swide" as in "'sup, wide".

Jill said...

So what does it mean when my scale reads, "Please go get the biggest, fattest, sloppiest burger possible from Wendy's and follow it with an Oreo Blizzard from DQ"??? Must be the same as "Lo". Yes, I'm sure that is exactly what it means! Oh, and if you haven't seen this site, you should! It's rad!


I'm sure you're appreciate their...advice... ;o)