Thanks to so many of you who have already stalked me on facebook or twitter and have congratulated us on our baby BOY that is cooking in my amazingly comfortable womb!

The ultrasound went great last night! Our sweet baby boy cooperated right away and the technician let Taylor announce that it was his little brother, before any of us knew it was a boy.

Trask and I have learned that we are not born to gamble. We were both feeling so positive it was a girl. And we were so wrong. So wrong. But we are feeling very happy and extremely blessed to have another son.

This little boy is unnamed for now, but hopefully not for long. He had his little ankles crossed during almost the whole ultrasound, and was a squirmy guy, moving positions a lot.

I am now that ultrasound technician's number one fan, too. Not only did she let me pee right away when I got there (after drinking the required 32 oz of water before the procedure), but she also let me pee halfway through the ultrasound, and she had a special jelly warmer, so the jelly that she put on my belly was warm like hot butter on a biscuit. Sorry for the visual.

We left the appointment overjoyed, and Taylor even insisted on holding some of the ultrasound pictures in the backseat with him on the way home. So sweet.

Anyway, I'll scan in a few ultrasound pictures to share on the blog soon. Thanks to everyone for being so supportive. And my blog readers were WRONG, well most of them. The 7 of you who guessed it'd be a boy... tell me who you are, and pat yourselves on the back.

And to the 7 who guessed a unicorn... smart asses!


pink or blue?!

Well, today is the day that we go in for the big ultrasound, and we are all so excited. I will make sure to make a blog announcement tonight or tomorrow morning for those of you who want to know, and who don't stalk me on facebook. Wonder what it is...

When I was pregnant with Taylor, before I knew we were having a boy, I was sure it was a girl. Not because I had a feeling, but because I just didn't picture me having a son. Strange, I know. And looking back, I wouldn't have it any other way. But the point is, I didn't really have a feeling.

This time around, I have a feeling it's a girl. This pregnancy has been very different than my first. It seems like everyone else (or the majority) thinks it's a girl. Not sure why they think that. I am carrying this baby differently than I did with Taylor, and I have even done the silly Chinese birth/gender predictor calculators on-line, too. They all say GIRL. We'll see.

I've been preparing Taylor, telling him that the baby may be a boy, but maybe a girl. He keeps insisting it's a girl. No changing his mind. He has made his decision. When I say he may have a little brother, he says "mom, you have a girl in your tummy, named Elliot" with such certainty. I am scared to argue further.

I am currently experiencing rage at the maternity clothes that are in stores right now. Before I was pregnant there was the CUTEST maternity clothes out and I got bitter, because when I had Taylor, nothing was cute. Nothing. But then I comforted myself, saying that the next pregnancy would be better, at least in the clothing department. BUT NO, NO, NO! They went and took away the nice, fun clothes again, just to spite me, and stocked the racks and shelves with pure crap. CRAP. I can guarantee you that after I deliver this child and my husband gets his snippety snip procedure done, the maternity clothes will be amazing again, and I'll throw a big, fat fit!


say what?!

Is it even possible to be in a size 40F nursing bra at 17 weeks? This is a hypothetical question. Kind of. But not really. How do I make them stop?!



I have my ultrasound scheduled and I am not sure I can wait that long, even if I just have to wait 8 days.

I am scheduled to go in on Tuesday, September 29th at 5pm, and I couldn't be more excited. I wish I was one of those patient people that didn't HAVE to know the gender and could wait for the surprise, but that's a waste of my time wishing that, I'm just not.

Got to hear the kidlet's heartbeat last Friday at my check up and the heart rate was different this time. Last time it was at 160, and this time it was at 140. Still not sure if I have a feeling on what gender the baby is. All I know is that I am excited.

I can see me being a mom of 2 boys, easily, but just not a mom of 2 girls, so I'm safe, no matter what this baby is. Taylor is beyond excited to meet his baby brother or sister, which is so cute to hear him talk about and ask questions. Still think it's hilarious Taylor thinks he's pregnant, too.


big tease

Can I even begin to tell you how much it delights me that Taylor loves to pick on/harass/torment Trask.

I love the sound of Taylor's squeals of glee and delight when he teases his dad. Taylor is really and truly growing into my ally. Together we'll tease Trask until he cries, hides or gives in.

I love this picture so much. I love how Taylor's eyes are closed, searching deep within himself to muster up all the eye gouging and hair pulling he can muster to make his dad go slowly insane. I love the look on Trask's face, because even though he's being tormented, he still looks like he's having fun.

I love having Taylor on my side. I feel safe, even though every once in awhile he turns on me.


I took this picture last weekend and then I really felt like the words just matched. Brings me a sense of calm and keeps my anxiety at bay.


16 weeks

Newsflash! I just hit 16 weeks on Saturday and you know what? I'm not as sick as I have been!

Kristi of Zuzu Girl totally predicted I'd feel better at week 16 - I'm now coming to her for all of my predictions and advice! Thanks Kristi! (And a special shout out to Kristi since today is her birthday!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY KRISTI!)

Today's Monday and I'm hell-bent on cleaning the house and getting ready for PRESCHOOL tomorrow! Can't even believe it.

We had a great weekend, took lots of pictures and watched football. My Ducks won (and without a brawl and some sucker punches), so this will be a good week. And my Seahawks won, too, which makes me happy.

I go to the doctor for a check up on Friday and will hopefully schedule the ultrasound then to see if this Nugget is boy or a girl.

Off to clean! Have a great Monday!


red letter words

Something amazing happened a few weeks ago. I won a giveaway. This is the first giveaway I have ever won. Ever. And you know what? It came at just the right time, and was the perfect prize to lift my spirits and fill my home with awesome.

Perideau Designs had a great interview on her blog with Dee, the amazing artist and talent behind Red Letter Words. Dee was kind enough to donate one of her 12x12 gallery prints to one lucky Perideau Designs reader. And when I entered, I knew it was a long shot, but I was so hopeful.

I fell in love with Dee's work right away. Her website is amazing and her work is inspiring. I love the modern look and I love that she makes it possible to have scripture in the home but with a fun, clean and simple look. Please check out Red Letter Words website.

When I found out I won the giveaway, I was speechless. I poured over Red Letter Words' website for a long time, working hard to pick the perfect piece. I found a print that really spoke to me, and snatched it up right away. My print reads: "Today is the day You have made. I will rejoice and be glad in it." Oh I so needed to see those words, and ever since it's been in my home, it makes me feel much more at ease.

I took this picture of my print on the mantle really fast, so I hope I do the print some justice. It's beautifully made and is simply wonderful. I am so thankful to Bridgett of Perideau Designs and Dee of Red Letter Words. Thanks for such a wonderful piece.

public internet apology

I want to simply, yet formally apologize to anyone I have ever made fun of for having hemorrhoids. It's no laughing matter.

That's all I really need to say. And karma is a pain!

your uncomfortable friend Shauna