Thanks to so many of you who have already stalked me on facebook or twitter and have congratulated us on our baby BOY that is cooking in my amazingly comfortable womb!

The ultrasound went great last night! Our sweet baby boy cooperated right away and the technician let Taylor announce that it was his little brother, before any of us knew it was a boy.

Trask and I have learned that we are not born to gamble. We were both feeling so positive it was a girl. And we were so wrong. So wrong. But we are feeling very happy and extremely blessed to have another son.

This little boy is unnamed for now, but hopefully not for long. He had his little ankles crossed during almost the whole ultrasound, and was a squirmy guy, moving positions a lot.

I am now that ultrasound technician's number one fan, too. Not only did she let me pee right away when I got there (after drinking the required 32 oz of water before the procedure), but she also let me pee halfway through the ultrasound, and she had a special jelly warmer, so the jelly that she put on my belly was warm like hot butter on a biscuit. Sorry for the visual.

We left the appointment overjoyed, and Taylor even insisted on holding some of the ultrasound pictures in the backseat with him on the way home. So sweet.

Anyway, I'll scan in a few ultrasound pictures to share on the blog soon. Thanks to everyone for being so supportive. And my blog readers were WRONG, well most of them. The 7 of you who guessed it'd be a boy... tell me who you are, and pat yourselves on the back.

And to the 7 who guessed a unicorn... smart asses!


Jenny said...

I like Carsten Trask. Not only because it's more unique than Mason, but because it just flows better.

Marie Barcellos said...

I guessed blue :) I won't pat my own back. I'll let you do that. and if your hand wanders south to a little tap on the bum then....mmmmm. :)