I have my ultrasound scheduled and I am not sure I can wait that long, even if I just have to wait 8 days.

I am scheduled to go in on Tuesday, September 29th at 5pm, and I couldn't be more excited. I wish I was one of those patient people that didn't HAVE to know the gender and could wait for the surprise, but that's a waste of my time wishing that, I'm just not.

Got to hear the kidlet's heartbeat last Friday at my check up and the heart rate was different this time. Last time it was at 160, and this time it was at 140. Still not sure if I have a feeling on what gender the baby is. All I know is that I am excited.

I can see me being a mom of 2 boys, easily, but just not a mom of 2 girls, so I'm safe, no matter what this baby is. Taylor is beyond excited to meet his baby brother or sister, which is so cute to hear him talk about and ask questions. Still think it's hilarious Taylor thinks he's pregnant, too.