Oceaside Bound

Today I'm going with the hubs and my son to Oceanside, our favorite part of the Oregon Coast, to meet some family for the day. Before I leave to go play in the sand and dodge raindrops, I thought I'd search Etsy for "Oceanside" and see what came up - and of course, I wasn't disappointed. Enjoy the lovely Oceanside items from these talented Etsians.

Starting at the top left square, and moving clockwise, I'd love to introduce you to these items and their shops on
Etsy. Go leave them some love!

1. Turtles and Tidepools Lampwork Bracelet by Rickie Voges Design Studio

2. Oceanside Wedding Invitation by Pink Lily Press

3. Oceanside Earrings by Linkel Designs

4. 10x13 Oceanside Pier Photograph Print by Jrzy Girl Photography


me time

Getting a pedicure in less than an hour. It's been a year since my last real pedicure. The poor lady who has to deal with my feet. I feel a big tip in her future. And later tonight, I'll have pretty toes.

Orange You Glad It's Friday!?

It's been a crazy week at lemon drop studio, but today is Friday, so in my book, that makes everything alright.

You know what else makes everything else alright? These amazing orange goodies from Etsy. I don't think it's any secret that I love orange, and these orange nuggets of beauty and fun are no exception! Enjoy!

Starting at the top left square, and moving clockwise, I'd love to introduce you to these items and their shops on Etsy. Go leave them some love!

1. Black and White Flora and Fauna Decorative Pumpkin or Gourd by Sea Pinks

2. Just Me, Classic Elegance - Vintage 50's Chunky Orange Stretch Bracelet by Just Me Jewelry

3. 0-3 Months Baby Loafer Booties - crocheted in burnt orange by Handmade Baby Love

4. Pumpkin Spice Chrysanthemum Post Earrings by Indie and Chic


Rainy Wednesday

It's rainy here in the Portland area, let me tell you! And it's not that I mind the rain, but since I don't want to be outside, it kind of makes me want to on-line shop, of course. With the guidance of Kristi of Zuzu Girl, I finally made a collage. Look for more coming, they are fun to make, and I just love sharing Etsy goodies!

Today's theme: random goods that make me smile.

Starting from top left, and moving clockwise:

1. Pacey the Hoodie Bear by Confessions of a Crochet Addict

2. Tangerine Scallop Mirror or Frame by Uncommon

3. Fat Bird by Hirondelle Rustique

4. Modern Chair 1 (Teal Swirl) by My Wire Empire

busy bee

I can't sit still any longer. Or I guess I can't let my brain rest. It's not like I've been jogging and just can't stop or anything. That would be far too beneficial for my health.

BUT the lists and ideas in my head won't stop. It's nothing new, I'm a chronic over-thinker, but I can't rest, and it's starting to overwhelm me. And just when I get my mind calmed down for the meantime, this crazy Carsten starts kicking, and twirling, and rolling and punching and disco dancing in my womb. (Isn't womb a creepy word? or is it just me!?). I don't remember Taylor ever being this insane, especially this early on, so we'll see what that means, if it means anything at all.

I am grateful, however, that I think I found a dress for Ryan and Jenn's wedding, less than one month away. I found it on Gap's website and now I just have to wait for them to open and see if I am going to be lucky enough that the store a few blocks away from me actually has it in the store. I sure hope so! But, isn't it lovely?! I was trying to not wear black, but can't find anything I like. Dang it.

Everything else is going fine. Trying to get my photography logo figured out, and re-vamping lemon drop studio's logo and marketing material at the same time. We'll see how that goes. If you haven't seen my photography blog, you can see it here. I am thinking I'll call it lemon drop photography. I am awful at names.

Anyway, off to create more lists and to overwhelm myself, while trying to keep germs out of the house. This nasty H1N1 has appeared at Trask's work and it is not welcome in this house.


lock me up, throw away the key

Someone please save me from myself and my insane dreams. I am not sure if I can take them much longer. They aren't scary. Well, they are scary, because it scares me that my brain can come up with this nonsense.

While I have always been a dreamer of strange and weird dreams, my pregnancy is making my dreams exponentially more disturbing.

Today after preschool, Taylor and I had lunch and then read some books in my bed, and then took a nap. I don't nap much because usually I wake up groggy, but I needed it today. But I am not sure if I would have napped if I knew what my dreams were going to be like.

My dream...

In a small plastic aquarium I had 2 small frogs. One of the frogs was bright blue like a beta fish. The other frog was kind of a frog but really it was a fish that didn't need water.

Anyway, I am not sure why I had these 'frogs', but I did. I went to check on them because I heard something weird. Inside the plastic aquarium, that couldn't have been more than a 1 gallon container, one of the frogs had died. But there was a small egg in the corner of the container. I didn't know how to get the frog out, so I left him there.

Later when I went to go check on my container of strange, I saw that the egg had hatched. The dead frog was gone. The egg had hatched a small, bright red hummingbird the size of a nickel. It was in constant flight, as there was nothing to land on in the container, and no food, by the way.

I still didn't know what to do, and somehow I was transported to my mom's house, but the container was still with me, with these weird ass animals in there, freaking me out. (Still gives me the chills).

At my mom's house I went outside to check on a noise I heard and realized I locked myself out of the house without my shirt on. And then I noticed that there were two ostriches charging at me. Well, really only one ostrich, but it had two heads, and googly eyes like a really creepy puppet. I wasn't sure where to run, but I jumped my mom's 6 foot fence (skills!) and somehow got back in the house...

Once I was back in the house and fully dressed, I checked on the container. In the container were now 2 peacocks. They had the colors of peacocks, but didn't have the crazy feathers on the butt, so more like a peahen, but with make up on to make it appear like a peacock, only they were the size of doves or pigeons. One was screaming so loud and the other was dead. I didn't know how I'd get them out and I was scared, so I think I ignored it, calling Trask to find out what to do...

And that is when I woke up.

Anyone care to try to explain this one!?



We decided on a name, and couldn't be more excited. It feels really official, and now I won't have dreams where this little boy is 5 and still doesn't have a name.

Carsten Trask Rogers

Now I just can't wait to meet him!

It is adorable listening to Taylor say Carsten's name. Now he talks to my belly and says "Carsten, this is your big brother Taylor" always in a sing-song voice.

Thanks to all who gave their input about names, not that we necessarily listened, but it was nice to make a fun survey out of it!

Now I want to go scour Etsy for all kinds of blankets and fun things for baby boys.


decisions, decisions

So Trask and I didn't have a single boy name picked out. We had a few we tossed around in our minds, before heading right back to girls' names.

Yesterday, I created a list of a little over 40 boy names. Some I loved, others were okay, and some were just different. When Trask got home, we looked at the list and pared it down, and then down some more, and then some more.

We are now down to 2 names. And it's so hard because we both love both of them. There's no favorite here. It's so tricky.

The names are:

Carsten Trask Rogers ...or... Mason Trask Rogers

If you feel so inclined, would you let me know which one you like better? And we're pretty set on these two, so don't worry your pretty face by trying to come up with something else. Oh, and Taylor likes them both, too, which isn't helpful. He usually has such a strong opinion... and when we need him to choose, he just can't. Perhaps it's too much pressure for a three year old, he has more important things to think about!

On another fun note, Trask felt the baby kick last night. I think that my doctor is going to have to push my due date up a little bit, there's no way I will just be starting the 19th week this weekend, is there?

Thanks for your help! Sending my love!!