decisions, decisions

So Trask and I didn't have a single boy name picked out. We had a few we tossed around in our minds, before heading right back to girls' names.

Yesterday, I created a list of a little over 40 boy names. Some I loved, others were okay, and some were just different. When Trask got home, we looked at the list and pared it down, and then down some more, and then some more.

We are now down to 2 names. And it's so hard because we both love both of them. There's no favorite here. It's so tricky.

The names are:

Carsten Trask Rogers ...or... Mason Trask Rogers

If you feel so inclined, would you let me know which one you like better? And we're pretty set on these two, so don't worry your pretty face by trying to come up with something else. Oh, and Taylor likes them both, too, which isn't helpful. He usually has such a strong opinion... and when we need him to choose, he just can't. Perhaps it's too much pressure for a three year old, he has more important things to think about!

On another fun note, Trask felt the baby kick last night. I think that my doctor is going to have to push my due date up a little bit, there's no way I will just be starting the 19th week this weekend, is there?

Thanks for your help! Sending my love!!


Michele said...

My pick is Carsten Trask Rogers, don't know why, it just caught my eye and jumped out at me!
~Michele from By Your Side

Kiva, Farmstead Lady said...

Hmm, I like Mason has a strong sound to it.

d'be said...

I vote for Mason. My husbands cousin is named Mason and he is the cutest little boy!