We decided on a name, and couldn't be more excited. It feels really official, and now I won't have dreams where this little boy is 5 and still doesn't have a name.

Carsten Trask Rogers

Now I just can't wait to meet him!

It is adorable listening to Taylor say Carsten's name. Now he talks to my belly and says "Carsten, this is your big brother Taylor" always in a sing-song voice.

Thanks to all who gave their input about names, not that we necessarily listened, but it was nice to make a fun survey out of it!

Now I want to go scour Etsy for all kinds of blankets and fun things for baby boys.


Jill said...

I love his name! Very strong and not common! Taylor is going to be the most amazing big brother :) I can't wait to meet this little guy!!!!! Love you!

w said...

what happened to the "winn" part?

kristi said...

I LOVE it.
can I start scouring Etsy for all kinds of fun things for baby boys for you too? I love any excuse to shop...

Anonymous said...

It's been 10 days... I demand that you blog something! I miss my Shauna funnies.