Orange You Glad It's Friday!?

It's been a crazy week at lemon drop studio, but today is Friday, so in my book, that makes everything alright.

You know what else makes everything else alright? These amazing orange goodies from Etsy. I don't think it's any secret that I love orange, and these orange nuggets of beauty and fun are no exception! Enjoy!

Starting at the top left square, and moving clockwise, I'd love to introduce you to these items and their shops on Etsy. Go leave them some love!

1. Black and White Flora and Fauna Decorative Pumpkin or Gourd by Sea Pinks

2. Just Me, Classic Elegance - Vintage 50's Chunky Orange Stretch Bracelet by Just Me Jewelry

3. 0-3 Months Baby Loafer Booties - crocheted in burnt orange by Handmade Baby Love

4. Pumpkin Spice Chrysanthemum Post Earrings by Indie and Chic

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