a little note...

From all of us to all of you... Happy Holidays!!

*holiday card created by Trask Rogers, my sweet husband, and helper at lemon drop studio

all ready

Happy Holidays to all my friends and family!! I hope that this season has been a merry and bright one!

All of our packages have been wrapped and are under the mean tree. I went really simple this year on gifts, and on gift wrap, as well. I have a huge roll of Kraft paper from my Aunt Michelle's work that she gave me, and plenty of ribbon and Ric Rack to spare, so that's what I used to wrap presents this year. I was worried it would look to "UPS-y", but I think that the ribbons and handmade tags help it from looking like mail parcels!

Santa has his own special wrapping paper that is hidden away, as well as his own special labels, so I can't take pictures now, for fear that Taylor will catch me! I have all the presents from Santa wrapped and up in my closet, with his Grandpa Dan's old firefighter coat over the top, keeping them from sneaking and peeking peepers.

This year to save some money Trask and I aren't buying big gifts for one another, just small gifts from Santa in our stockings this year. I can't wait for him to see his stocking... some great Etsians out there helped make it lots of fun this year. (I'm so bad at keeping secrets, but so far I've been pretty good!).

This marks our first year starting a new tradition, just our small, immediate family. Usually we spend Christmas day with Trask's mom and husband and family, but that doesn't leave Taylor and us much time in the morning for sleeping in, Santa gifts, breakfast and relaxing. Usually it leaves us feeling rushed and like we need to be in multiple places at one time and just really stretched. This year is different. We have Christmas Day together, just me, Trask and Taylor. We can go at our own pace and in the evening, we are going to go to the Portland Trailblazer basketball game! That's our present to the family and we can't wait! (and yes, Taylor has a Rudy Fernandez #5 jersey in one of his boxes to open that morning before the game!).

We will then spend some time with Taylor's Nana and Pampa the day after Christmas at their house. And Christmas Eve will be spent with my entire side of the family, a tradition I've been doing since I was very, very little. Taylor adores all my cousins, so he always looks forward to Christmas Eve fun. This year we are also going down to Eugene on Saturday to see my dad and spend some time with him. We'll be all over the place, but I'm so excited we have Christmas Day to spend together just the three (soon to be four) of us - making our own traditions! Feeling like a big kid, finally.

In baby news, all is pretty much the same. I hit 30 weeks the other day and am feeling pretty good. The other day someone asked when I was due, and when I said at the end of February, they responded with "oh my gosh, that's so soon!". WHY?! Why would someone say that to me!? It doesn't feel soon, and I don't know if I am ready or not!! It kind of put me in panic mode a bit.

I better hop of blogger and go do some cleaning. Trask and I found a lot of strange things in the couch last night, so I think that's my cue to dig the vacuum out and take care of all the treasures.


29 weeks

I hit 29 weeks a few days ago and am officially uncomfortable, but happy, at least. It's hard to catch a full breath, and I miss sleeping on my back, and on my stomach, or really sleeping well at all.

I had a doctor's appointment on Friday and a blood draw, including a glucose test and iron level test. Results come back today. I am not sure what's been up, but sugar has been having a horrible effect of me lately, making me even dizzier than I already am, as well as just making me feel sick.

My new relationship with sugar doesn't bode well with the holiday baking that Trask, Taylor and I did on Saturday! We baked three different types of cookies, and have another to do soon. We gave a bunch away to the neighbors, and will take some to Taylor's preschool holiday program tomorrow night, but there's still TOO MANY COOKIES.

All of our holiday shopping is done for the most part, and I am waiting until tomorrow while Taylor is at preschool to finish up the wrapping. He's more than excited for Christmas, and keeps requesting 'just a peek' into some of the bags. I think that he thinks if he asks nice enough, I'll just say yes. He's so very wrong.

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend and that today is a great start to the week! This week's goal is to survive the week, for me. Trask will be across the US for 3 days at the end of the week, and I just hope to keep me and Taylor alive. Feeling this dizzy and hot all the time doesn't help get things done, and Thursday is a big day at his preschool, with a field trip and a holiday party, and of course I'll be there in the classroom to help.


crocheted cacti

I swear Amber has read my diary and knows my secrets. She knows how 'we' people feel. You know the kind (I am one of them). Those who buy a plant with the best of intentions and dedication, but end up killing the plant anyway...

Well look at what Amber of Confessions of a Crochet Addict did... she crocheted cacti!! It is almost guaranteed you can't kill them! And guess what's even better?! Not only does she sell them in her etsy shop, but right now you can enter the giveaway on her blog for a chance to win a set for free. You can't beat that deal with a stick!

Giveaway ends on New Year's Eve at midnight. And if you win and you're one of my readers, you have to give me one. Well, you don't have to, but it's the right thing to do.

Good luck and tell Amber I sent you!


28 weeks

Last Friday I hit 28 weeks. I don't fit in anything. I am refusing to buy more maternity clothes. This leaves me wearing Trask's shirts, but at least I have cute shoes. Or at least I'm told they are cute, because honestly I can't see them all that well. I'm going to paint my toes today while I can still kind of reach them. I would go get a pedicure, but that means I'd have to shave my legs, and that sounds like a lot of work.


another open letter

Dear Very Nice Man at the Christmas Tree Farm,

My family and I wanted to say THANK YOU! We came to your Christmas Tree farm on Saturday morning, when it was about 30 degrees outside, and your jolly and merry demeanor warmed us up. Well, no, it didn't, but it warmed our spirits up, but really, we were still freezing cold, despite our many layers of clothing, coats and scarves. Our feet got stuck in your frozen dirt, but the crunching noise it made under our feet was delightful.

Our experience at your tree farm was terrific. We found a perfectly shaped tree in very little time. Perhaps we should have looked a little while longer, because this tree is a painful little bitch of a tree! Excuse my language, sir, there are no other words to use.

You see, while this tree is perfect in height and shape, with no funky holes or bald patches, and an amazingly straight tree top, it is THE MOST PAINFUL TREE EVER. We decided to branch out (haha) and get a different type of tree than the usual noble we get every year. We chose a spruce. Or more like A Nasty Scratchy Mess of a Tree, in the spruce variety.

Trask and I should have known better. When we walked past the tree at first, the branches brushed against our legs and almost drew blood, through our jeans. We should have ignored the tree that hurt us, but we didn't. Instead, we turned back and decided to choose that tree for our very own. I think the cold weather was impairing our judgment.

So Trask cuts down the tree. When he stands up, his ear is bleeding and he has a prickly rash on his neck from the needles of the tree. Endearing, right?! We think, well, at least it's cut down, our problems are over. But are they, really?

We have to tie the tree to the roof of the Subaru. And kind sir, while you are a sweet old man running a very quaint and sweet Christmas Tree farm, you do not have the bailing machine that makes the tree manageable. We look past this, and throw the tree on top of the car. With bloody hands. (And mind you, if we had gloves, they would not have helped!).

So the tree is on it's side, on top of our car, and the tree is HUGE. It's not tall, but it's fat. This was a nasty tree to tie to the roof rack, it truly was. We used our twine and tied the tree up. We double checked everything and made sure it would stay on the roof of the car. Trask always laughs at me because every year I ask if it's on the roof tight enough, because wonder what would happen if it fell off the roof while we were driving... that would be funny, right?! He laughs at me each year, because we all know I worry too much. OR DO I?!

So we wave good bye and tell you thank you. We're happy to be in our nice, warm car once again. We drive down your gravel driveway and cruise along the 2 lane road in the country. The sun is shining, the frost on all the grass is beautiful and seeing the old barns along the way makes me wish it was warmer so I could pull the car over and take pictures, but I am a wuss.

All of a sudden, BAM! The tree? It's flying off the top of our car! We watch it roll into the other lane in our rear view mirror. Taylor screams "I want my Christmas tree back!". We find a place to turn around. Our car gets chased by a crazed, barking and growling Cattle Dog trying to pop our car tires. We nearly escape. We turn around. We pull off to the side of road, about 20 yards away from the tree. Trask and I get out of the car to go get the tree. We see a car coming. The car is in the same lane that the tree is in. The tree is off to the side, but still in the lane a little bit. I imagine what it'd be like if the small Scion car hit the tree going at 50 MPH. But then I realize I don't have to imagine it... because the car didn't swerve one tiny bit, no effort. WE HAD A CHRISTMAS TREE HIT AND RUN.

Trask runs across the road and gets the prickly SOB tree. The trunk of it is all scuffed up from it's little tussle with the car. I am sure that the car ended up with a few scuffs, too, but we'll never know, because THEY DIDN'T STOP. Then we look at the top of the once perfect (yet terribly painful) tree. A few limbs are snapped, but other than that, our $13 tree is intact.

Between the bitter cold and our bloody hands and arms, Trask and I spend about 20 minutes tying the tree back on top of the car. I am trying to work fast because another dog (from another house) is growling and staring at me. I know he's thinking that I look delicious. He's licking his lips and baring his teeth, but I remember they can smell fear, so I am thankful I doubled up on deodorant that morning. The huge Shepard finally left us alone, seeing that we were already bleeding and that took a lot of fun out of his game.

The tree is back on our car! Every once in awhile we hear the knife needles of the tree scraping on top of my car, making the worst noise ever. It's taunting us. Reminding us that it can fly off the roof of the car at any minute. Oh, we know, we know.

So with the horrible scraping noises reminding us of our trauma, we slowly drive back home. Grandpas in sedans are passing us left and right. We finally make it home in one piece, with a tree still on our car.

The tree is so painful to touch that we are scared to bring it upstairs, let alone put it in it's base, but Trask does all of that, thank goodness. His short-lived hand modeling career is now over, but we have a tree. The tree is bigger than it was when we first chose it. It hardly fits in our nook. We think it's swollen from all the trauma. We were scared to decorate the tree, too, because every time I tried to hang a bulb on a branch, I got cut, but eventually I lost enough blood that I didn't care anymore, so the tree is decorated.

Again, kind sir of the Christmas Tree farm, we will be back next year, but you better not point us in the direction of the Bastard Spruce ever again.

Happy Holidays,
Shauna, Trask and Taylor


a proud moment, and some awkward moments...

Can I just say that in reviewing my Google Analytics for this blog... someone came to my blog after googling the phrase "an overdose of awesome"!!

It's official you guys - I am awesome. Maybe too awesome. Or too modest. Something like that...

Other fun phrases and keywords people googled and found my blog with:

  • "fear of sock monkeys"
  • "black fish in tank is mean to other fish" (see! I am not the only one with this issue!!)
  • "incestuous children squints" (this makes me feel uncomfortable a little or a lot)
  • "middle names for Elliott as a girl" (awww, did you have to remind me?! love that name!)
  • "nicknames for the name Shauna" (I KNEW one of my readers would name a baby after me, eventually!)
  • "sociopath and fish tank" (should I be taking this personally!? hope not!)
  • "very loud clapper"
Most of these things on the list above are fine by me. Some are rather disturbing to me. I'll let you decide which is which.

Have a great Wednesday... and you all better be wearing all your GREEN + YELLOW this week in support of the CIVIL WAR tomorrow! GO DUCKS!!



I may as well get used to being the only girl in the house - not that I am not already out-numbered now, but adding another boy to the collection in February will just make this division more apparent. There are things I am just going to have to cope with, I have a feeling...

It seems like all I say lately to Taylor is "Please put the toilet seat down!" over and over and over. I am convinced that the sound of my voice is like the prettiest song in the world, because he sure likes to make me repeat myself. I know it's not for a lack of not listening, that wouldn't be it. It must be because my voice is like a precious, rare songbird and it's an honor to be able to hear it on such a regular basis.