29 weeks

I hit 29 weeks a few days ago and am officially uncomfortable, but happy, at least. It's hard to catch a full breath, and I miss sleeping on my back, and on my stomach, or really sleeping well at all.

I had a doctor's appointment on Friday and a blood draw, including a glucose test and iron level test. Results come back today. I am not sure what's been up, but sugar has been having a horrible effect of me lately, making me even dizzier than I already am, as well as just making me feel sick.

My new relationship with sugar doesn't bode well with the holiday baking that Trask, Taylor and I did on Saturday! We baked three different types of cookies, and have another to do soon. We gave a bunch away to the neighbors, and will take some to Taylor's preschool holiday program tomorrow night, but there's still TOO MANY COOKIES.

All of our holiday shopping is done for the most part, and I am waiting until tomorrow while Taylor is at preschool to finish up the wrapping. He's more than excited for Christmas, and keeps requesting 'just a peek' into some of the bags. I think that he thinks if he asks nice enough, I'll just say yes. He's so very wrong.

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend and that today is a great start to the week! This week's goal is to survive the week, for me. Trask will be across the US for 3 days at the end of the week, and I just hope to keep me and Taylor alive. Feeling this dizzy and hot all the time doesn't help get things done, and Thursday is a big day at his preschool, with a field trip and a holiday party, and of course I'll be there in the classroom to help.