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Happy Holidays to all my friends and family!! I hope that this season has been a merry and bright one!

All of our packages have been wrapped and are under the mean tree. I went really simple this year on gifts, and on gift wrap, as well. I have a huge roll of Kraft paper from my Aunt Michelle's work that she gave me, and plenty of ribbon and Ric Rack to spare, so that's what I used to wrap presents this year. I was worried it would look to "UPS-y", but I think that the ribbons and handmade tags help it from looking like mail parcels!

Santa has his own special wrapping paper that is hidden away, as well as his own special labels, so I can't take pictures now, for fear that Taylor will catch me! I have all the presents from Santa wrapped and up in my closet, with his Grandpa Dan's old firefighter coat over the top, keeping them from sneaking and peeking peepers.

This year to save some money Trask and I aren't buying big gifts for one another, just small gifts from Santa in our stockings this year. I can't wait for him to see his stocking... some great Etsians out there helped make it lots of fun this year. (I'm so bad at keeping secrets, but so far I've been pretty good!).

This marks our first year starting a new tradition, just our small, immediate family. Usually we spend Christmas day with Trask's mom and husband and family, but that doesn't leave Taylor and us much time in the morning for sleeping in, Santa gifts, breakfast and relaxing. Usually it leaves us feeling rushed and like we need to be in multiple places at one time and just really stretched. This year is different. We have Christmas Day together, just me, Trask and Taylor. We can go at our own pace and in the evening, we are going to go to the Portland Trailblazer basketball game! That's our present to the family and we can't wait! (and yes, Taylor has a Rudy Fernandez #5 jersey in one of his boxes to open that morning before the game!).

We will then spend some time with Taylor's Nana and Pampa the day after Christmas at their house. And Christmas Eve will be spent with my entire side of the family, a tradition I've been doing since I was very, very little. Taylor adores all my cousins, so he always looks forward to Christmas Eve fun. This year we are also going down to Eugene on Saturday to see my dad and spend some time with him. We'll be all over the place, but I'm so excited we have Christmas Day to spend together just the three (soon to be four) of us - making our own traditions! Feeling like a big kid, finally.

In baby news, all is pretty much the same. I hit 30 weeks the other day and am feeling pretty good. The other day someone asked when I was due, and when I said at the end of February, they responded with "oh my gosh, that's so soon!". WHY?! Why would someone say that to me!? It doesn't feel soon, and I don't know if I am ready or not!! It kind of put me in panic mode a bit.

I better hop of blogger and go do some cleaning. Trask and I found a lot of strange things in the couch last night, so I think that's my cue to dig the vacuum out and take care of all the treasures.

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Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Shauna! Your packages are so cute. I love the ric rak.