a proud moment, and some awkward moments...

Can I just say that in reviewing my Google Analytics for this blog... someone came to my blog after googling the phrase "an overdose of awesome"!!

It's official you guys - I am awesome. Maybe too awesome. Or too modest. Something like that...

Other fun phrases and keywords people googled and found my blog with:

  • "fear of sock monkeys"
  • "black fish in tank is mean to other fish" (see! I am not the only one with this issue!!)
  • "incestuous children squints" (this makes me feel uncomfortable a little or a lot)
  • "middle names for Elliott as a girl" (awww, did you have to remind me?! love that name!)
  • "nicknames for the name Shauna" (I KNEW one of my readers would name a baby after me, eventually!)
  • "sociopath and fish tank" (should I be taking this personally!? hope not!)
  • "very loud clapper"
Most of these things on the list above are fine by me. Some are rather disturbing to me. I'll let you decide which is which.

Have a great Wednesday... and you all better be wearing all your GREEN + YELLOW this week in support of the CIVIL WAR tomorrow! GO DUCKS!!


sassypackrat said...

You are so funny!

Alissa said...

I'm dying over "very loud clapper"! I'd like a link to the post in your blog in which you make reference to "very loud clappers".

On mine I've had "aging process" +"20's", shabby chic widgets (what the heck are those?) and, among others " bird with bouncing belly "

Anonymous said...

Will you still be friends with me if I wear Black and Orange tomorrow?