The boys have been sick, so this is as festive as we've managed to get this year, so far! I have Halloween cookies and other fun things planned, as long these kids get to feeling better.


keyboard confessions: volume 6

Keyboard Confessions is not my idea, but I'm going to use it anyway, because I think the best way to compliment someone is by stealing their idea. Or just borrowing it and giving them a shout-out and some credit. You may also find awesome Keyboard Confessions from Kearsie of Sounds Like Tomatoes and from Amber of What The French, Toast.

I like lists and I am very random, so this is right up my alley. Let's begin. This is Keyboard Confessions: Volume 6.

1. I have been a terrible blogger lately - I'm sorry. I'll make it up to you with an extra long keyboard confessions. The list will either a.) make you feel normal, compared to me, or b.) bore you to tears and/or death.

2. I am down to 2 pairs of jeans (well, one pair of regular jeans and one pair of cropped jeans). This makes me cry. The thigh of two pairs have blown out in the past two months. I need some money and a new wardrobe. I'm not even kidding.

3. I have still made no progress in learning how to crochet.

4. I'm scared to turn on the Wii Fit, because when I log in, it'll tell me how long it's been since the last time I worked out. And I like to stay in denial about these things.

5. I have some crushes I'd like to fess up to. Some are normal and some are weird. Vince Vaughn. Jim Morrison. Steven Tyler. Amos Lee. Jack Johnson. Alec Baldwin (but only in his 30Rock character). And Greg Giraldo (RIP, sweet-pea).

6. I can't wait to be old. Like really old. Old enough that it's okay to complain all the time, tell people off, go to bed before the sun goes down, drive like I want to and eat dinner at 3:45.

7. Is it too early to start making my birthday list? Because I already am. I wish my birthday was a national holiday. I feel like it should be.

8. I've got nothing left. I worry I'm running out of things to say. Don't leave me though. Please?


birthday wish-list

This Ruffled dSLR Camera Strap Cover in Blue Serenity by Eclectic Whatnot is definitely at the TOP of my wish-list for my birthday this year.

{Photo from Eclectic Whatnot's Etsy Shop}

I love how simple and lovely it is. The blue is perfect. And I know it would just look oh-so-amazing around my precious neck!

Check out the rest of Eclectic Whatnot's Etsy Shop - it's full of wonderful camera strap covers. I love so many of them, and I know you will, too!


seven months

Today marks Carsten's 7-month birthday. I can't even believe it's been seven months already! I know I say this every time, about time going by so fast, blah, blah, blah... so rather than me just talking about time, I'll update everyone on what Carsten's been up to lately.

At 7 months, Carsten is already trying to talk. He says 'I need', 'hungry', 'mama', 'dada', 'daddy' and 'hi'. I find it really weird that he's talking, but it's true. Time and time again he says those words, and in the correct context. Maybe he's our baby genius. But then again, he's been trying to eat the carpet fibers, so I could be wrong about the whole genius part...

Carsten crawls. He crawls a lot. And sometimes he does donkey kicks and also likes to pause, look up and put one hand on his hip while smiling at us, and then proceeds to crawl from one destination to another. This is insane to me, because Taylor was a bit lazier and didn't crawl until he was 8 months old or so, and Carsten has had this down for 3 weeks. HOWEVER, Carsten still can hardly sit up by himself at all times. We can get him to stay up, tri-pod style, but when he wants to crawl again, he doesn't know he can go from sitting to crawling on his own. He handles the situation a bit differently, by just crying until we put him on all fours or tip him over so he can crawl. I'm just waiting for him to start pulling himself up to a stand. He's shown interest, now let's just see when it happens.

Carsten still adores his brother, but he has a new love of wrestling with his brother. This involves Taylor laying on the floor (either waiting or totally unprepared for Carsten), and then Carsten pounces on Taylor and usually goes straight for a few things: Taylor's glasses, Taylor's eyelids, and Taylor's neck. He also has this crazy war-cry/baby squeal that only seems to come out when he's fighting Taylor. It does serve a purpose, I think. I think he's trying to make his victim go deaf, as well as any spectators. I can't hear much anymore.

While Carsten hasn't really grown up with a dog in the house, it certainly seems like he has. When Carsten is excited or happy or sometimes just because, he shakes his head back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. Over and over and over, while smiling his gummy, toothless smile.

This little peach still refuses a bottle. This means that he's pretty much attached to me. I've also decided he'll be a "boob man" and not a butt man. Taylor seems to be more interested the rear, although he does like to say boobs. Boys. Refusing a bottle also means that my boobs are tired. I wish my friends would lactate and show some support! Or at least Trask.

My favorite quirk about Carsten? He LOVES to be in the downward dog pose from yoga. I'm not sure where he picked this up, or why he does it, but he loves it. (Sorry for the bad picture quality, they were taken on different days, using my phone). He'll stay like this for minutes, sometimes doing it over and over. I think he likes to be upside down, but I'm not sure. Sometimes he poops in this position, but other times he just likes to hang out and smile at you as you walk by.

Carsten doesn't sleep through the night much at all anymore, but you know what, he's finally learned it's okay to sleep on his side and on his tummy - so hopefully that will get him sleeping longer stretches at night, because Mama is getting tired of seeing the bags under her eyes...

This has been an amazing 7 months. I feel incredibly blessed to have 2 happy boys that I can stay home with, and that mean the world to me and my husband. Carsten has definitely added a lot of fun and extra smiles and joy to our lives.

Happy 7 months, C. We adore you!

Mama, Dada


Friday is here!!

Friday is finally here! It's been one of THOSE weeks. You know, the kind of week where you find out on Wednesday that it ISN'T Thursday, and then time stands still for a few more days!? Friday is really here, I confirmed it with 2 calendars and a few friends! Now I hope the weekend goes by super slow!

Have an amazing weekend... but maybe not as amazing as this:



school is back in session

..and now what do I do with myself?!

This morning we took Taylor to his second year of preschool (and next year is Kindergarten!! ack!), and he was so beyond ready to go see his friends. I teared up a little while walking out of the building, of course. I just don't know where time is going - I'm so happy for him and all of the fun that his future holds.

And now I'm sitting here, in a quiet house, while Carsten naps, wondering... what the heck will I do with this time? It's too quiet. It feels really weird.


monster cookies. the easiest recipe ever.

Okay, there was enough interest in the monster cookies that I posted about last week that I thought I'd share the recipe. Now I don't want you guys thinking I made the recipe up - a friend shared it with me. It's a recipe I'm going to use over and over, and I think you will, too.

Monster Cookies

1 package chocolate chip cookie mix

1 package peanut butter cookie mix

1-1/2 cups oats

3 eggs

1 cup butter


Mix all the ingredients together. For the packaged cookie mixes, just dump it into the bowl... it's that easy! Bake in the oven at 375 degrees, and bake for 7-8 minutes, sometimes up to 10 if they're bigger cookie dough blobs.

Enjoy and think of me when you take the first bite. (That was creepy, sorry!)

carsten's first painting

Yesterday while Taylor and I were painting and stamping with pears, Carsten sat up at the table in his highchair snacking and watching us intently. He seemed interested in the paints, so I grabbed some paper for him and put some paints on his fingers and let him go at the paper.

I was pretty surprised that the gooey paint fingers didn't go into the mouth immediately - he wanted at the paper instead, which worked perfectly! I tried to paint his whole hand so I could get a hand print, but it was almost impossible to get him to uncurl his fingers!

Looks like I have two boys that like to paint - this thrills me to no end!!


keyboard confessions: volume 5

Keyboard Confessions is not my idea, but I'm going to use it anyway, because I think the best way to compliment someone is by stealing their idea. Or just borrowing it and giving them a shout-out and some credit. You may also find awesome Keyboard Confessions from Kearsie of Sounds Like Tomatoes and from Amber of What The French, Toast.

I like lists and I am very random, so this is right up my alley. Let's begin. This is Keyboard Confessions: Volume 5.

1. In the past 3 nights, I have gotten 15 hours of sleep - tops. Hubs was out of town and Carsten has re-discovered the joy of the boob at night.

2. While the hubs was in Seattle for work, he got me presents. Or nifty gifties. I got two presents. And they were both from Anthropologie. He gets big time points for this. One gift was a beautiful journal/notebook - specifically for me to write my funnies in. (love that he thinks I'm funny!). The other present: a beautiful necklace in two different colors of blue beads, consisting of 1,000 strands each. It's bold and amazing. I can't wait to wear it, when Carsten isn't still on the boob.

3. I have been making some new jewelry - I just need to take some pictures. They are inspired by my friend Marie. I want to be her.

4. I found a hooded light weight sweater at Target, made by Mossimo, and I'm in love. The kind of love where you want to take it home to meet your parents, even though you've only known them (or the hooded sweater) for a day. I had to buy another color - so now I have berry and a fun yellow. I love that it has my three essentials: hood, pouch, comfy + casual. And it's a sweater, so it makes me feel like I'm being dressy. And it's lightweight, so my monster hot flashes won't make me want to rip it off in the middle of an episode.

5. Bought a new hair dryer and all of a sudden I'm having great hair days, despite my 3 inch skank roots. I'm growing out my hair, no easy task, but I'm trying! And soon I'm hoping to make my hair darker - and MAYBE more natural.

6. The desire for a nose piercing is very strong today. We'll see if it happens soon. I sure hope so! Before I chicken out.

7. Going to The Red Light Exchange to try to find some rad t-shirts and comfies soon. I can't wait! I seem to have a knack for finding Trask super terrific shirts, but can't find me any, because my boobies are too big for everything, and why are my shoulders always too wide?! Why do small chested girls get to have all the fun!? Big boobies want a witty t-shirt every now and then!

8. Had a chai tea latte from Insomnia Coffee (right across the street from our apartment, literally), and it brought tears to my eyes. It was delicious. And I'm not just saying that. I really did cry from excitement.

9. And now for a confession, or more like a question. Do they make a specific type of deodorant for your cleavage?! It's needed.



miss him.

When Trask is out of town for work, all I really want to do is eat monster cookies (and not share with the kiddos). Is that terrible? How can it be terrible when it tastes this amazing and right!?

Hurry home, T. I miss you already!

Psssst. Want a totally easy-peasy recipe for monster cookies?! Let me know... if there's interest, I'll blog the secret!


victim of a hate crime. or the sick humor of a 4-year-old.

About a month back, Trask got new toothpaste. I hate it when I'm not involved in this task, because if I don't like it, it's partially my fault for choosing it. However, T and I are both terrible at choosing a toothpaste, as well as toilet paper. We can just stand in the aisle for a LONG time browsing, picking something up, putting it down, gazing off in the distance, and then I usually get distracted by something shiny down in the next aisle and I take off...

Anyway, that's beside the point. The point is, Trask went solo and got toothpaste.

I tried it the next morning, and was immediately grossed out. I told Trask that it tasted like URINE, and he was never to choose toothpaste again. Ever. (And I'm really not sure how I knew what urine tasted like - but it couldn't be mistaken).

Flash forward to that night, where I SKIP BRUSHING MY TEETH because I'm terrified. I'm literally scared to brush my teeth. So I skip it and hope for the best.

Next morning, it's time to brush my teeth. I get all nervous, but give myself a pep talk. I tell myself that maybe it tasted funny last time because I had juice or something that clashed with the taste of the toothpaste. Sooooo, I tried again. And F*$#, it tasted like PEE! Was I surprised? I guess not. But why!?!?

I then slowly look over to my son Taylor (age 4), who has been known to love cleaning and scrubbing. Our conversation goes like this:

me: Hey Taylor, did you do something to Mommy's toothbrush?

Taylor: (in a cute, sweet, guilty voice) nnnnnnnnnnnno Mommy.

me: Taylor, did you play with Mom's toothbrush? (said kinda panicky)

Taylor: (in a cuter, sweeter and even guiltier voice) yeeeeeeeees Mommy.

me: What did you do??

Taylor: I took it in the bathtub.

me: The bathtub? Were you taking a bath with it?

Taylor: Actually, it was the potty. I cleaned it.

I can't really remember what happened after that. I may have blacked out. I'm not a germ-a-phobe at all, but this was the pisser, and this was my toothbrush, that I put in my mouth.

Needless to say, I have a new toothbrush, and as it turns out, the toothpaste Trask picked out doesn't taste bad at all!


butt dimples

When do dimples on your butt go from being absolutely precious and cute to being absolutely horrifying?!

Please advise.

flannel + dentophobia + here's why

I was never scared of the dentist growing up. Ever. But now that I'm in my late-twenties, I am petrified. And it's all because of a giant flannel belly. Let me explain.

2 years ago I found a new dentist up here. He is also the dentist to my husband's family up here, so I thought it would be safe.

It turned out that I needed a LOT of work done. $1,300 to be exact. This dental work happened over the course of a few months, going in every other week. The work wasn't horrible, but it wasn't fun. And I was beginning to dread the appointments. Just imagining them touching my teeth with metal tools was giving me shivers and chills. But I went anyway, until THAT ONE DAY.

THAT ONE DAY I was getting some work done and I was laying back in the chair with my sexy sunglasses on, feeling a little vulnerable. The dentist was on my right hand side, and his assistant on my left hand side.

There came a time when my dentist needed something. A tool or something. And instead of asking his assistant to hand it to him, he leaned over, across my face, and retrieved it himself. All the while, HIS STOMACH IS ON MY FACE. And it wasn't a gentle brush or graze. I'd forgive that, maybe. This was PRESSURE. Constant pressure, against the side of my face. I wanted to scream but I couldn't with all the crap in my mouth. I wanted to ask him,"WHY?! Why aren't you using your assistant?! She's RIGHT THERE. Get your flannel stomach off of my face!! and why on earth are you in flannel?!"

My cries and protests never got the chance to leave my numb mouth. I didn't say anything. But you know what? I haven't been back since. And every month when I am suppose to write out a check for my payment on that $1,300 bill I racked up, I get so mad. So mad that all I can see is green flannel.

Do you guys have dentophobia? Share your trauma!!


wii need an intervention

After a crazy week of Hubs being away and lots of baking + decorating cupcakes (3 different days), it's time to knock it the hell off and get serious about getting healthy. You know, so I look good for sweater, blanket and hooded sweatshirt season. Duh.

We purchased a Wii Fit yesterday and I've been getting in trouble with Hubs for not sharing with Taylor as much as I should. Something about setting a good example, yadda yadda yadda. Not sure what his problem is, I'm trying to get a smaller butt and gut.

Can I just tell you how much fun Wii Fit is? Or do you all know already because we're probably the last people on earth to purchase it? Well, I've had so much fun. Not only do I like playing, but I like laughing at Trask while he does Rhythm Parade and also when he flaps his arms like a giant awkward bird.

This Wii is going to keep our family together, as long as it doesn't come to blows over whose turn is next.


running diaries

Have you missed this post series? Have you been wondering what I've been up to?

Well, I'm now able to run 10 miles without stopping.

Actually, that is FALSE. However, I have made a bit of progress. I purchased an awesome green sports bra to wrangle the beasts - so I'm one step closer. Right?

You see, running is tricky. Let me tell you why. I have to put the kids in our BOB double stroller. This thing is AWESOME, but it's a tank. Carsten is still a bit too small to be in it without the car seat, too, which makes it effin' heavy. Also, I happen to live on the 2nd story of our apartment complex, so it's a chore to somehow get my kids, the stroller and the car seat downstairs by myself without falling down the stairs. So my solution is to wait for Trask to get home - and that solution isn't working. Whether it's business trips, working late, or just us both being tired, the evening is not a good time for us to run. And I can't see me waking up both of the boys to go run in the morning, so I'm going to have to think of something. I'm sure we'll be more apt to run when it's not warm in the evenings. I've considered renting a garage solely for the purpose of parking my giant stroller in it. Silly?

While I'm not running as much as I want to (unless it's to frantically get to the bathroom or to a piece of cake), I'm still making strides to being a healthier and hotter me. Get it, strides?!

More later, peace out! I'm winded from typing.


Lemon Kissed: on the front page!

Lemon Kissed was lucky enough to be featured on the front page of Etsy today, amongst a bunch of pretty cool items! My Bella dangle earrings in sage were the lucky ladies to be featured! A HUGE thank you to Kristi of Zuzu Girl for letting me know that they were up there - you're the greatest, Kristi!

The Bella dangle earrings are pretty fun - they are made from dyed volcanic lava (pumice) and the colors and texture are just amazing!

I am having a lot of fun with Lemon Kissed, and am in the process of getting ready to start necklaces, too. Think clusters of awesome goodness - and then you'll have the same vision in your head as I do.


{Etsy Love} StephieMc Designs

Just got my 2 Tiny Tags necklace in the mail from StephieMc and I'm in Heaven!

What I love most about this necklace is that it's not super frilly or fancy. It's simple, it's fun, and it has Carsten and Taylor on the tags. I love the hammered edges on the tags and just the cleanliness of the design. I opened up the envelope, took note of the cute packaging, and then put the necklace on my neck right away. So far Carsten hasn't yanked at it at all - he saves his yanking for my hair and my neck skin!

I'm not a new customer to StephieMc Designs, and this won't be my last order. Each and every time I am more than delighted by my purchase - and Stephanie is so super sweet, too! Make sure you go and check out her Etsy shop when you can. (Like right now!).

Thanks Steph!!!

Have a happy weekend!


hump day

So happy that it's hump day. Which kind of hump day, you ask? I'll let you decide.


running diaries

Last week I jogged. I jogged with Trask. I jogged while pushing my two sons in our BOB double stroller. I jogged with brand new Nike Shox running shoes (that are grape purple). I jogged despite the fact that my big toe and my pointer toe (2nd toe) are feuding over space in my shoes. I jogged and walked for about 2.5 miles. I jogged with only a nursing tank top on under my Oregon Ducks t-shirt. I jogged, and when I stopped, my boobs were still going. I learned that I need at least two sports bras on to contain the girls. I will go pick those up this week so I can run some more. Because maybe I'll like running more if the fun-bags don't ache the entire time. After that, I'll have to do something about my thighs battling one another for space.

This is the tales of me, trying to love running.


we love our balls!

...not THOSE balls, sicko, but THESE balls!

Amber of Confessions of a Crochet Addict made these balls for my boys to play with - and boy have they been a HIT! Carsten and Taylor both love them, and I love seeing them on the floor. They don't hurt if I step on them, unlike trains or legos, and they aren't loud and obnoxious, either! I think they are cute and colorful and I already want more!!

Thanks, Amber, for being the crafty, crocheting genius that you are!

You are loved!

too cool for words.

Apparently all of a sudden, when you turn 4, you start looking and acting too cool for school! Or at least this is the case for Taylor.

Taylor had a super fun cowboy party yesterday to celebrate turning four - and I just had to share this picture that our dear friend Julie took. I will come back and share more pictures from the big day later.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!



good bye, fro

Carsten got his first haircut today (he is 21 weeks tomorrow!) - I was told by many it was time to lose the crazy Cosmo Kramer hair.

He was a great boy and sat still almost the whole time. He liked being sprayed with the water bottle (there goes my future punishments), and he wanted to grab at the scissors the whole time.

I love his new 'do, but miss his curls. I'm surprised to see how super blond he is now - looks all grown up and studly, if I do say so myself, which I just did.

Thanks Shawn, for the excellent first hair cut! We'll see you soon and we adore you and everyone at Ritual Hair Design!!


easy living

I wish my biggest predicament in life was deciding which fringed cowboy pants to wear.

* note, Carsten is not a cowboy and these are not pants he'd normally wear, he's just getting psyched for his brother Taylor's cowboy party this weekend.

happy 4th birthday, Taylor

4 years ago today, Trask and I got to meet Taylor, and life hasn't been the same since. It's been so much better!

Random Loves About Taylor:
  • his infectious laugh, especially when he throws his head back to laugh, and even will slap his knee if it's funny enough,
  • his negotiating skills - this kid could sell paper to a tree,
  • his sweet glasses - although hard to get used to my baby wearing glasses at 8 months old, I can't imagine him without them now!
  • he gets so mad when he finds litter, exclaiming it's so naughty to make our earth dirty - wise beyond his years,
  • he is an amazing big brother - so caring, and wants to include Carsten in everything he does,
  • his love of fruit cannot be matched,
  • his love of trains also cannot be matched,
  • he loves the water so much, he probably should have been born with gills and fins,
  • his hugs still make my heart happy,
  • his snuggles when we read books - and his love for books,
  • how he says 'nean' instead of 'mean', and 'cool' instead of 'pool',
  • his love of art and creating things,

Happy Birthday, Sweet Taylor, Tay Man, Taylor Tot, Tay Tay, Cookie, Sugar Buns, Big Boy! We love you so, so, so very much! You are truly a gift to everyone who knows and loves you!

hugs and kisses,



When you are a mother, you are never really alone in your thoughts. A mother always has to think twice, once for herself and once for her child. ~Sophia Loren


summer days

Happiness is summer days and fresh strawberry milkshakes after picking raspberries with the family!

Happiness is also your first baby turning 4 in 9 short days!

This post was brought to you in response to Leigh vs. Laundry and The Happiness Project. Go share what makes you happy!



sunny weekend

This pretty much sums up our Sunday so far - raspberry picking at Smith Berry Barn and lots of pictures in the sunshine. Seems like the perfect day to me!


Taylor's art

Turns out that Taylor's art looks AWESOME framed and on my wall!! This is my most favorite of all his paintings ever. We went to the art store yesterday, and I let him pick out 5 colors (and they were dang good choices!), and then I let me attack two canvases with the paint and I just adore what he did. Trask and I just got them both framed- one for our living room and the other for Trask's office at work. I am so lucky my kidlet loves projects as much as I do! And I appreciate the affordable, good-looking art, too!


It's Factual Friday, Y'all

Factual Friday: random facts, brought to you each and every Friday... starting NOW!

This week's facts are all about giraffes. I love giraffes
!! Maybe that's why I married the tallest guy I could find!!

Enjoy your GIRAFFE facts:
Giraffes eat up to 75 pounds of food a day- typically Acacia leaves.

Tongue is 18 inches long. (I'm just going to leave this fact alone).

Although rarely heard, Giraffes can moo, hiss, roar and whistle to communicate with one another.

Giraffes at the San Diego zoo enjoy raw onions as a special treat (funny and gross, but this is Taylor's favorite snack lately! Odd + silly boy!).

Their heart is 2 feet long and weighs about 25 pounds.

Can gallop 31-37 miles per hour (so what, so can I).

They spend between 16 and 20 hours a day feeding (again, so can I).

The riveting and life-changing information you just read was found here.


keyboard confessions: volume 4

Keyboard Confessions is not my idea, but I'm going to use it anyway, because I think the best way to compliment someone is by stealing their idea. Or just borrowing it and giving them a shout-out and some credit. You may also find awesome Keyboard Confessions from Kearsie of Sounds Like Tomatoes and from Amber of What The French, Toast.

I like lists and I am very random, so this is right up my alley. Let's begin. This is Keyboard Confessions: Volume 4.

1. It's really hot here in Portland today, and so I've been hiding in the house all day. This leaves me very scatter-brained and feeling extremely antsy.

2. I used to re-write my math homework once I finished the assignment, because I wanted it to look neat and tidy. I did the same with all my lecture notes from high school and college.

3. I am trying to get better about going with the flow and not having an agenda, even on just some days, but surprises kind of scare me. I get anxious over the simplest things.

4. I've walked out of a restaurant because I didn't recognize anything on the menu and it didn't have a single picture. My husband can't stand this, I'm sure, but doesn't mock me too much.

5. I get to go to the Nike employee store in a few weeks and I can't wait to buy my running shoes for 50% off, and to start running. Or maybe I'm just excited to get shoes... we'll see.

6. I don't like eating blueberries because of their texture, and that weird b-hole type thing on the blueberry - ick.

7. I can't wait to have a home and build the boys a tree house. I wonder if I'll be allowed in.

8. I hope that when my boys are older, I'll be the hot mom. I better start working on it now if I have a chance. Either that or only let the boys make friends with kids that have ugly moms.

9. Was that last comment mean?

10. I'm working on silhouettes of me and Trask. I'm having a hard time working on mine... feels very strange to be that zoomed in on a picture of myself, and I don't like seeing inside my ears.

11. And back to the other moms... if I can't be the hottest, I hope that I can at least be the funniest. And not the funny where they are just laughing AT me.

12. Are taper legged Lee mom-jeans ever going to be in fashion? I'm worried it may- and that keeps me up at night.

13. It's time to step away from the computer screen and go tell my family how lucky they are to have me.

Have a good one!


happiness is...

Happiness is making progress on my never-ending projects-to-do list!

Yesterday I got to check off a big one - I finally opened up my new Etsy shop: Lemon Kissed and made my first handful of earrings. I love finding new things to enjoy, and making earrings definitely makes me happy - almost as happy as scratching something off my list!!

This post was brought to you in response to Leigh vs. Laundry and The Happiness Project. Go share what makes you happy!



happy fourth!

I hope everyone had a fun, safe and happy 4th of July!

We spent some time in Eugene this weekend, but not for as long as we had planned. Both of my boys are sick and I'm trying to get them feeling better, or at least not so full of snot.

Hooray for short work weeks!!


It's Factual Friday, Y'all

Factual Friday: random facts, brought to you each and every Friday... starting NOW!

This week's facts are all about the lovely state of Oregon - my sweet state, with some facts focusing on my wonderful hometown, Eugene, which I will be visiting this weekend!

Eugene was the first city to have one-way streets. (and they're so damn confusing!).

Oregon has more ghost towns than any other state.

There are nine lighthouses standing along the coastline of Oregon. Five are still being used, and the others are designated historic monuments.

Eugene is rated by "Bicycling Magazine" as one of the top ten cycling communities in the United States. (A little Shauna tid-bit, I worked at a bike shop for about 6 years!).

In 1876 the University of Oregon opened in Eugene. Deady Hall was the first building on campus and still exists. (I swear it's haunted! I had a math class in that building and always had an eerie feeling, but it may have just been from having to do math!).

The riveting and life-changing information you just read was found here.


future in advertising + marketing

Taylor's love for marketing and advertising is very much like his dad's, already!! I see him following in his daddy's footsteps...

Yesterday Taylor and hubs were running errands. Tay asked his daddy if they could stop by Subway real fast and eat fresh.

While driving in the car the other day, Taylor told me if my car breaks down, we should definitely take it to Pep Boys.

Taylor after finding out his battery operated train wasn't working: "Mom, we better get to Batteries Plus, and quick! We need more batteries UP IN HERE."

keyboard confessions: volume 3

Keyboard Confessions is not my idea, but I'm going to use it anyway, because I think the best way to compliment someone is by stealing their idea. Or just borrowing it and giving them a shout-out and some credit. You may also find awesome Keyboard Confessions from Kearsie of Sounds Like Tomatoes and from Amber of What The French, Toast.

I like lists and I am very random, so this is right up my alley. Let's begin. This is Keyboard Confessions: Volume 3.

1. I just read Amber's Keyboard Confessions and got all excited because like Amber, I used to feed my boogers to Maddie, our rat terrier, as well. And don't judge me, she loved them! Taylor would feed his boogs to her, as well. We miss having her around here, and not just because we have to use more tissues.

2. I wash my hands a lot, so don't be scared of giving me high fives or anything.

3. It seems like I can't stop talking about boogers, but I'll try.

4. Taylor keeps asking for another little brother or little sister. I'm sure he thinks I'll soon move my family out to the country, wear long jean skirts and jumpers and start wearing socks with sandals, with my hair in a long braid. NO MORE BABIES, Taylor.

5. I think it's time that my hubs and I have 'the talk.' The talk about seeing Dr. Snippity Snip. Because I can handle 2 kids and still be an awesome mom, but I'm afraid what a third child would cause me to become.

6. Since I'm done making babies, I'm now going to be the creepy lady who stares and coos at other babies in public. This is fair, because I can't tell you all the weird things people do and say to my children when we're out, especially Carsten.

7. Threw away all my cotton grandma undies. There's no need for them anymore. I'm replacing all of them with expensive undies that don't have a lot of material involved. Finally maybe Allison won't make fun of my Granny Panties.

8. The word 'panties' makes me want to gag. It makes my skin crawl. So do the words: moist, pulp, ointment, uvula and discharge.

9. Now that the sun is out, the ugly people can trick everyone. This happens like this: sometimes someone can look very attractive with sunglasses on, but once they're off, you want to jump back and scream in shock. This happened to me once on a vacation in high school. After a few hours of flirting with the guy leading the boat tour in Kauai, he takes his glasses off at the end of the tour... and I realized I wasted a good portion of my afternoon. Hate that!

10. If I'm having an 'ugly day', I like to trick people and wear my sunglasses. I like to make them feel like fools.

11. This weekend I'm walking the 4.5 mile Mayor's Walk at the Butte to Butte in Eugene, my hometown. Wonder at what mile I'll die of blisters.

12. I'm strangely attracted to Greg Giraldo on Last Comic Standing. I know we'd 'get along' nicely. I just know these things. Something about that face hair, those arm tattoos and that he's so sarcastic - delicious.

13. Anyone have any requests for what you want me to confess?

14. Did I really just ask you all that?

15. I'm out. Time to tend to the sick big boy - juice and movies and cuddles from mama, as I think about killing every chipmunk on Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeekquel.


[oceanside, oregon]

Happiness is a spontaneous drive to Oceanside to play in the sand on a warm June day.

He doesn't like the sand or anything, does he!? He was born to be on the beach, like his mommy and daddy. Good thing we're only an hour away.

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It's Factual Friday, Y'all

Factual Friday: random facts, brought to you each and every Friday... starting NOW!

70 out of 100 people admit to picking their boogers. Out of those 7 people, 3 people admit to eating their boogers. (I've NEVER eaten a booger - even I have to draw the line somewhere).

Eating boogers isn't necessarily bad for you because it can strengthen your immune system. However, using your finger that has germs and bacteria on it to retrieve the booger is not healthy. All the icky stuff on your fingers is going inside your nose. It is also not healthy to later put that finger in your mouth.

Boogers come in all kinds of textures, colors, and sizes. They can be green, squishy, and blobby. They can be brown, dry, and crumbly. (which type is your favorite!?)

It is also possible to get boogers in your eye. That's right, eye boogers! Sometimes in the morning, you might wake up with some build up (made of mucus, dust, tear, and dead skin cells) in the corners of your eyes. Some people call this "sleep" or "crusties", but the medical term is rheum. As with your nose boogers, eye boogers can also vary in texture, color, and size. If you have allergies or an eye infection, you could have more eye boogers.

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