belly bump

I think pregnancy is just about the cutest thing - on anyone else but me! Don't get me wrong, I am happy to be expecting my second son, but I'm just not one of those deranged, erm, lucky people that LOVE being pregnant. I run into these nuts, erm, folks, every once in awhile and they gush over how they love getting big, they love feeling the baby move, and they love that whenever they fart, a rainbow comes out of their butt. I am not one of those people, but sometimes I wish I was.

I started off this pregnancy a bit heavier than I would have liked, and nothing like I had fantasized about. I imagined my second pregnancy would be so different than my first. That I would have energy, that I would be super skinny everywhere but in my belly, and it would just look like I had a basketball under my t-shirt. I dreamt of smooth, stretch-mark free skin, and leak-free moments. Alas, it was all that, a dream.

I am 36.5 weeks along and happy that the baby should be here sooner rather than later. At least I know I won't be at a 4th of July BBQ still pregnant, so I am holding on to that. So while I dream of jeans without a band on them, you know, jeans that actually button and zip, and I dream of pedicures that I can actually SEE, and I dream of not hitting my ever-growing stomach with the refrigerator door, I focus on these pictures to get me through.

These pictures were taken about a month ago by my dear friend and talented photographer Julie Flood, and looking at these pictures right now calm me down a bit. They remind me that it's okay that I'm the size of a house, because it's almost over!! It's almost time!!!

Thanks so much, Julie, for helping me remember this, and for capturing such fun moments with the boys I love so much, in and out of the womb. I definitely think they are worth all this!


Anonymous said...

You guys are so cute! I wish nothing but a fast delivery for you and I can't wait to see Mr. Carsten! Hugs to you friend!

You leave me wondering... what would happen if you lit one of those rainbow farts?

Kearsie said...

I love you, Twin, because you say things like "whenever they fart, a rainbow comes out of their butt" and you still come across as elegant.

You got the elegant genes.

sassypackrat said...

I was never one of the nutters...um ah...lovely ladies that loved being pregnant either! I suffered through and made do but I'll never be able to say I enjoyed any of it. But still I did do it twice cause the end result is awesome!
Hang in there it's almost over, girl!

Much More Than Mommy said...

What great pictures! And I thought I would be the same way with my 2nd pregnancy, and NOT gain 65 lbs. And I didn't! I gained 75. *sigh* :-)

Floody buddy said...

I didn't see this post 'til now.

I heart you.

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