I can still talk!


I've been having contractions lately. A lot of them. And pretty close together. My body is trying to act like it knows what it is doing! I love it.

I went to the doctor yesterday with the husband in tow and Taylor on a play date with the lovely Julie Flood and daughter Audrey. The doctor confirmed my contractions, so that was nice to know that I am not going completely crazy. I was dilated to 1.5 centimeters.

Readers, I am so sorry I just told you that last sentence. TMI!? Wait, you've read this blog before and came back for more, apparently, so I take back that apology, unless it really creeped you out. Sorry.

The doctor said she didn't care about how close or how long my contractions were, but just to come in when I couldn't talk during one of them because of the pain. So far I can talk or whine through all of them, and I am sure it's not because I'm super tough.

My doctor said it could be hours or days or weeks until I'm ready to deliver. I sarcastically thanked her for her precision in this estimate. Because IT'S NOT LIKE I AM A PLANNER OR ANYTHING.

So who knows how long I'll still have this baby in me. He hasn't dropped yet, so not sure why I'm so sore. (That's not an open invitation to make guesses). My doctor gave me this advice: just get your water to break and then you're golden. And I have so many things I want to say in response to that, including googling water breaking techniques, or finding a pair of knitting needles, sitting on re bar... well, never mind.

Just wanted to update all my lovelies!!

Have a great weekend! Any prediction on when Carsten is going to arrive? And if my water will break in public (my worst fear!!).



sassypackrat said...

My water never broke with either of my babies TMI, maybe but you started it girl!

Much More Than Mommy said...

The nurse gave me one suggestion for speeding things along when I went in thinking THIS WAS IT. The Husband and I tried it, and less than 24 hours later, #2 had arrived. I'll give you one guess. ;-)