Sweethearts Day

Valentine's Day has always been a chaotic holiday for me, ever since I can remember, and yes, even back in middle school. I'm not sure if I'm a fan of Valentine's Day, or if it's my true enemy.

I have had some wonderful V-Days with balloons, secret admirers, decorated lockers, getaways to the beach and snuggles. I have also had some V-Days full of tears, bad chicken, hokey presents and shattered expectations. I think that Valentine's Day is a double-edged sword, and sometimes my expectations are so high that nothing could even come close to meeting them, and I end up ruining it, for myself.

This year I am trying something new - I am throwing my impossible-to-achieve expectations out the window! (Did you hear that, Trask!? Do you believe it?! Does it feel like a trick?!). I am going to be 38 weeks pregnant and tired. The only expectation I am going to have of this day is to be able to relax and have family time together, and to watch the NBA All-Star game. And maybe request this baby be taken out of me. But that's just a maybe.

I am so excited that Taylor is in preschool this year and will get to experience Valentine's Day with his class. I can't wait to make the class cookies and goodie bags, and to help Taylor sign his name on all the cute valentines that he picked out for his classmates, and help him select the perfect one for the special girl in his class that he's smitten with.

This year I am going to focus on the love that I have, and not on what I expect, because everything I have is more than enough, and I am very blessed. We shouldn't have a designated day to say 'I love you', it should be an every day, every opportunity sort of thing, and here at the Rogers' House, it usually is, except on Valentine's Day. Kind of ironic.

So for what it's worth, Happy Valentine's Day to all my friends and family!! Love ya!

*Picture of Taylor, one of my sweethearts, taken by Julie Flood.


w said...

i never have expectations. that way, they're always exceeded. i can be so philosophical when i need to be.

also. it doesn't happen often. as it takes way too much energy out of me.


Much More Than Mommy said...

My poor husband -- my birthday is 2 days after Valentine's, and I'm so high maintenance, I of course expect something for each -- no combo gifts! I'm trying to work on that, promise, because I get so much LOVE from him and my girls every day. :-) (Sappy but true!)