Factual Friday, Ya'll!

Factual Friday: random facts, brought to you each and every Friday... starting NOW!

Tasmanian devils give birth to 20-30 young, each weighing approximately 0.18-0.24 grams. When the young are born, they move from the vagina to the pouch. Once inside the pouch, they each remain attached to a nipple for the next 100 days. Despite the large litter at birth, the female has only four nipples, so that no more than four young can survive birth. Those who do not procure a nipple are typically eaten by the mother.

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1 month

1 month old tomorrow, and this boy has blessed this family more than we could have ever thought possible.

It was scary to go from a family of 3 to a family of 4, and I remember freaking out the first night home from the hospital, while I was feeding C at some ungodly early hour, telling Trask, "why did we have another baby?! Taylor is perfect. we're cheating Taylor." I was misty eyed and wasn't sure where these feelings were coming from, but I imagine it was from the overwhelming exhaustion and fear of how we would handle two kiddos. After a couple seconds of thinking about it, and a hug from Trask, I realized everything is going to be fine. The worries, chores, and doctor appointments will double or triple, but so will the fun, laughter, and joy that comes from these two amazing boys.

As Carsten develops more of a personality, I see that he's a Mama's boy already. He is a passionate, enthusiastic eater, and is ticklish on his back, tummy, feet, neck and neck rolls. He has four dimples on his cute cheeks, just like his Mama, too. I love a boy with dimples, so this is THRILLING! Carsten also doesn't cry too much at all, but he does YELL. An adult yell, too. It certainly gets the point across, but it's hard to take seriously, unless he holds his breath, which he's mastered as well.

Enough mush for now... I hope everyone enjoys their weekend! So happy it's Friday, and so, so happy that I managed to squeeze into my pre-pregnancy Blazers playoff 2009 shirt - life is good!


productivity: level zero

How do I go back to a life of being productive and not just spending my whole day taking pictures of my sons? If you know how, I'm not sure I want you to tell me... I could do this all day! (That's what she said!)

Nicknames Carsten has been given so far, mostly by Taylor:

  • Tiger
  • Chicken
  • Carsty
  • Bubbers
I will have to keep adding to this list, because I know I'm forgetting some, and that there will be more.


sunday morning

My day started out like this...

... I can tell it's going to be a great day!



Just checking in here... all is well and we're all happy campers!

I am feeling like my only purpose is to be a milk machine, and am feeling very bovine, but I know it's all going to pay off, and I really do enjoy breastfeeding, just not as often as Carsten has a thirst, I suppose!

I am not sure if I'm making milk or frosting, because on Wednesday Carsten was weighed at the doctor and had gained 6.5 ounces since Monday. Yes, in less than 3 full days, he gained 6.5 ounces. MONSTER!

So happy we've been successful though. Now if only he'd sleep a TINY bit more at night, like wake up every 3 hours to eat, rather than every hour and a half or two... but at least he's happy and extremely healthy - we're blessed!

I guess I DO like breastfeeding so often, now that I think about it. You burn SO many calories that it makes weight loss a bit easier. I have lost 29 pounds since he was born. I have many more to go to get to my happy weight, that I haven't been at since college graduation, but I'll get there... and only 7 more pounds to shed until Carsten's baby weight is gone... now if only I could fit into my non-maternity jeans! ACK!

Happy Weekend, Sweet Friends!


Taylor's Love

Just a few pictures of Taylor and the love of his life, Audrey, from yesterday. Julie was sweet enough to watch Taylor while we had a long appointment for Carsten - which worked out for us, as well as Taylor. He can't ever, ever get enough of Audrey. (We're all Audrey Fans here at the Rogers' Home! She's just too awesome!!) Taylor loves this girl with all his heart, and has loved her since the moment he met her, a little over a year ago, when she was about 9 months old. Spring chickens. Spring chickens in love, actually!

Thank you so much for the pictures, Julie. You captured their sweet love so well! (we won't talk about the "other" picture!!). And THANK YOU for being so helpful all the time, we all adore you guys so much and couldn't ask to be blessed with better friends!


two weeks.

On Saturday, Carsten turned two weeks old. How did that happen so fast?! It's been a whirlwind two weeks, but without the craziness that Taylor's first two weeks brought us. This child-rearing business... old hat, folks. Cake. Cake walk. Cake... sounds yummy.

Today was Carsten's two week check up. He surpassed our weight guesses and came in at a whopping 10 pounds even. And he has grown 1/4 of an inch. And his head, well, yeah, it's getting bigger, too.

Carsten is so strong, alert and silly. He grunts more than any child or pug I've ever encountered. He loves, loves, loves to snuggle and always makes us laugh when he makes his chicken or cat noises. I'm just a tiny bit smitten with this little man!

I'll have more pictures soon - have to upload them on Trask's computer since mine is slowly dying bit by bit. Oh, and maybe because we take trillions of pictures at a time...

We hope you all are well! Thanks to our dear friends for the comments, well-wishes, cards and meals! We appreciate it so very much!



I mentioned before that Julie took some pictures of Carsten and Taylor the other day, but I had to share this one of Carsten right away. He's not often a cranky baby, except when he's hungry, and this picture just makes me smile, because he's even cute when he's mad (just like me!!).

Trask just designed our baby announcements and I'll post it on my blog in about a week or so... but I love, love, love how it turned out. Trask did a great job, and of course, Julie's pictures are amazing.

Carsten is doing great. He is 10 days old today, and is a happy baby. He is very alert, and interested in everything his big brother Taylor is doing. I love seeing him smile when he hears Taylor's voice. And Taylor loves him just as much as he loves Taylor. It's going to be a blast watching them grow up together. Carsten usually doesn't cry unless he's hungry, or if you're putting him in his car seat, and during diaper changes sometimes, but other than that, he's super happy. I am thankful for this, because Taylor was appropriately deemed our Little Old Man at a very young age, so I'm enjoying this.

Carsten is more than an avid eater - very enthusiastic about eating (yet another quality he's inherited from me!). It's hard to give nicknames to a kidlet named Carsten, but the first one that came to me is CHEEKS. He's working hard at trying to set a world record, it appears.

Anyway, I just wanted to check in. Soon I'll do the birth story, I promise. Although, it's really not that exciting, unless you're into bags of water, barfing and placenta-goodness... but we'll save that for another day...


Mister Taylor D.

We had our dear friend Julie take some pictures of Taylor and Carsten last night. I can't wait to see all of the images, but Julie was sweet enough to send me a few sneak peeks!

I'm not showing any of the ones of Carsten yet, because one of them will be used for the announcements and we haven't decided, but I had to share this one of Taylor in his Grandpa Dan's fire helmet right away. PURE LOVE.

Thanks for being WONDERFUL, Julie! We all love you, and your whole family!


meet Carsten

He's here - and he's awesome!

When things settle down (ha, ha), I'll blog the birth story and all that jazz, but for now, let's just cut to the details...

Carsten is absolutely amazing! He's a great baby that always has the hiccups and is an avid-eater, much like his mama. He's becoming more and more alert to the world around him, especially the whereabouts of his big brother. Taylor is the best big brother ever and is doing great - always more than happy to love on Carsten, hand us diapers and remind us how much he loves Carsten.

Looking forward to more blogging (and more pictures) soon!

Carsten Trask Rogers
8 pounds 12 ounces
21-1/4 inches