1 month

1 month old tomorrow, and this boy has blessed this family more than we could have ever thought possible.

It was scary to go from a family of 3 to a family of 4, and I remember freaking out the first night home from the hospital, while I was feeding C at some ungodly early hour, telling Trask, "why did we have another baby?! Taylor is perfect. we're cheating Taylor." I was misty eyed and wasn't sure where these feelings were coming from, but I imagine it was from the overwhelming exhaustion and fear of how we would handle two kiddos. After a couple seconds of thinking about it, and a hug from Trask, I realized everything is going to be fine. The worries, chores, and doctor appointments will double or triple, but so will the fun, laughter, and joy that comes from these two amazing boys.

As Carsten develops more of a personality, I see that he's a Mama's boy already. He is a passionate, enthusiastic eater, and is ticklish on his back, tummy, feet, neck and neck rolls. He has four dimples on his cute cheeks, just like his Mama, too. I love a boy with dimples, so this is THRILLING! Carsten also doesn't cry too much at all, but he does YELL. An adult yell, too. It certainly gets the point across, but it's hard to take seriously, unless he holds his breath, which he's mastered as well.

Enough mush for now... I hope everyone enjoys their weekend! So happy it's Friday, and so, so happy that I managed to squeeze into my pre-pregnancy Blazers playoff 2009 shirt - life is good!

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