Just checking in here... all is well and we're all happy campers!

I am feeling like my only purpose is to be a milk machine, and am feeling very bovine, but I know it's all going to pay off, and I really do enjoy breastfeeding, just not as often as Carsten has a thirst, I suppose!

I am not sure if I'm making milk or frosting, because on Wednesday Carsten was weighed at the doctor and had gained 6.5 ounces since Monday. Yes, in less than 3 full days, he gained 6.5 ounces. MONSTER!

So happy we've been successful though. Now if only he'd sleep a TINY bit more at night, like wake up every 3 hours to eat, rather than every hour and a half or two... but at least he's happy and extremely healthy - we're blessed!

I guess I DO like breastfeeding so often, now that I think about it. You burn SO many calories that it makes weight loss a bit easier. I have lost 29 pounds since he was born. I have many more to go to get to my happy weight, that I haven't been at since college graduation, but I'll get there... and only 7 more pounds to shed until Carsten's baby weight is gone... now if only I could fit into my non-maternity jeans! ACK!

Happy Weekend, Sweet Friends!


JFlood said...

you'll get there... don't even worry about that stuff now... just focus on what you're doing and be on top of your blog updates so I can stalk you.

Much More Than Mommy said...

Wowsers! I lost quickly with #2 also -- she was a little piggy! But I loved her chubs!!!

Jill said...

Awesome :) Go, Shauna!!!!! I've still never shed the rest of my...uh..."baby weight". Now, almost 2 years later, I'm blaming Ayden. Makes me feel better. ;o) And I have more than 7 lbs!!! I'm very jealousssss!!!!

But you are so right about nursing burning calories. I almost want to nurse my kids again just so I can have that jump start, but....well, nursing a 4.5 year old is just plain creepy, and I think Ayden would be traumatized. So I guess I have to do the work.

LOVE the picture of the boys--that is adorable!!!!!