My baby is two months old today! The hospital and delivery is already a blur! (That reminds me, I need to blog the birth story still... perhaps tomorrow).

Carsten had his 2-month appointment today and blew us away with how much he has grown. I was still a little surprised when the scale read 14 pounds 3 ounces - I mean, I knew he was big, but I wasn't really expecting to see that number! Not only is he hefty, he's tall, too. He has grown 3 inches since he was born, and measures 24-1/4 inches long. This kid is going to be big.

This evening he's been a bit sensitive, not a fan of his shots. He's just extra cuddly (didn't think that was possible), but he's managing to crack some smiles every now and then.

I'll get an updated picture of the chubster up soon - the necks and chins are amazing and ample, just how we like them!

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