god papa

Last night Carsten got to meet his godfather, and no, not that kind of Godfather, but you know, the other kind. It was a perfect Thursday night with Chinese food, my Aunt Michelle, cousin Scott, all my boys home and the Blazer game on TV.

When it was time to choose a godfather for Carsten, it didn't take long to make a decision. I love all my cousins deeply and they all mean a ton to me, but there's just something about Scott that makes him perfect as Carsten's godfather. We were thrilled when Scott said he would love to!!

So last night was their first meeting, and it was so much fun to see Scott and Carsten together - warms the heart, for sure. And I'm so glad that Carsten didn't shart all over Scott (see, I had to make this post a little less sappy), but also happy he at least ripped a couple good farts on his lap! If Carsten didn't, I'd have to do it, and that's embarrassing!

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Bossy Betty said...

So cool! For both of them! For all of you!