things to smile about.

Mondays get a bad rap, and it's time for all of us to focus on the positives, and not on how horrible the day we treat like a red-headed stepchild is. So Monday, we're going to focus on the good stuff today, even though you're still kinda lamest day ever.

Here's my short, simple list of things that are making me feel good on this drizzly Monday morning:

I get my hair done at the neatest place here in Hillsboro called Ritual Hair Design. All the girls there are WONDERFUL, and Shawn, my lady, well, she always knows how to fix my hair, and even puts up with me changing my mind every 6 weeks and even tolerates me when I have no idea what I want to do with it. LOVE HER!! So today when I was doing my hair, I realized that this hair cut is one that I am just LOVING!! Good hair makes me feel like it draws the eyes up, and people won't stare at my birthing hips... because DAMN!

After nine months of feeling like a knocked-up heffer, it was time to get some undies that made me feel cute again. I found these little ladies at Target this weekend, and at $7.99, it's a cheap way to feel cute and not so bovine. The brand is Liberty of London and it has ruffles and they make me feel like a million bucks, or euros. (and yes, this is a picture of me wearing them, how do you like that, dad?!). I just told a lie...

Trask and I discovered this self-serve frozen yogurt place this weekend and let me tell you - it's AMAZING and heavenly and I can't stop thinking about it. It's inside the Beaverton Mall, just about 15 or 20 minutes away, so not too close to home, but close enough it's worth the trip! Oh Peachwave, make me your sweet lady. They have about 16 different frozen yogurt flavors (a lot low fat or non-fat) and then a whole toppings bar with fresh fruit and the works, and you pay per ounce. We ended up with a bowl of cheesecake and strawberry fro-yo with kiwi, strawberries and mandarin oranges on top, and a few chocolate sprinkles for Tay. We all shared this and had plenty, and it was under $4. HEAVEN!! And you don't feel guilty after eating it! I was on cloud nine after this place, and it was a sweet reward since I'm now in my non-maternity jeans!!

That's right, you just read it a sentence ago... I'm not in my paneled, frumpy, worn out maternity jeans!! I slipped on a pair of jeans that I wore right before I got pregnant with C, and it feels so nice to zip and button again! I have only 5 pounds left of my C weight to lose, and then on to another 50 or so to get back to my old 'fighting weight'!! I know I have a way to go, but I'm pretty jazzed that I'm making progress. My awesomeness overfloweth!

These little green beauties make my feet smile. Doesn't something green just make you happy!? Pssst... got these little ladies at Old Navy, and right now they're on sale. Boo-yah.

Oh, and you know what, I had a great weekend with my family and nothing helps get me ready for a great week than a fun weekend with my guys!!

So, what's making you happy??

This post was brought to you in response to Leigh vs. Laundry and The Happiness Project.


Much More Than Mommy said...

$7.99/pair? Or for one of those packages?

And cute shoes!

sassypackrat said...

Congrats for getting back into the regular jeans! Those panties are super sweet too! It's so great when you reach the point where you don't feel like a breeder animal or a milk machine anymore! You go girl! ;0)

leigh said...

I love this! Head on over to my Blog tomorrow and add this to Mr. Linky. It will be so lovely to have jump in!

leigh said...

Ahem...that should read

"It would be so lovely to have YOU jump in!"

Mama is tired!

w said...

that's actually a picture of me. and i've asked you several times to take it down. not off the blog... off your bathroom mirror.

Bossy Betty said...

Great way to start the week! Thanks!

Dee Crowe said...

Great post! Oh and I'm following you now too...yay happiness!

Debbie said...

YAY!!.... for fitting back into your normal jeans! LOVE, love the green shoes!

Kassie said...

Those shoes are so cute.

Joy said...

Undies and shoes...that's quite a happy pair! ;o)

Jill said...

LOVE the panties!!!! That yogurt place sounds exactly like what Wade's dad and stepmom started up in Springfield back in December! It's called Sweety's and they don't have as many flavors of yogurt, but otherwise it sounds the same!!!! Very cool. And congrats on the pre-pregs-pants, that is so freaking awesome! And Carsten isn't even 2 months old yet--go Shauna!