searching for tiger woods

Taylor seems to think that Tiger Woods is a place. A forest. A destination. A destination that he must go visit. To Taylor, he is not a golfer or a turd in human-form, but he's a location that Taylor MUST find.

Imagine the confusion at the park as people keep hearing Taylor calling out "Tiger Woooooods?!" over and over, like he's looking for the dude. And imagine the parents that are looking at me like I'm strange, and that maybe my kid is strange, too. My reply to them always is, "he thinks Tiger Woods is a special forest," and you know what? - they still look at me like I am strange. I'm totally not.

It was after days of Taylor begging me to take him to Tiger Woods that I finally asked him if he knew that Tiger Woods was a person. He refused to hear this. Denial struck the kid like lightning. Taylor will not listen to me and insists that T.Woods is somewhere that he really needs to be, and fast. Like RIGHT NOW fast.

I wonder what he expects to find at Tiger Woods, besides cute little panties, golf clubs and a few empty liquor bottles? Did I just cross a line? Oops.


sassypackrat said...

Obviously he expects to see Tigers in them woods or perhaps trees with Tiger stripes? I hope he one day finds those special "Tiger Woods"!

Much More Than Mommy said...

I would hear on the news that people got shot 'at point blank range'. I kept wonderng WHY people would be going to Point Blank Range, WHY, when people just kept getting shot there!!!

I promise I was a child when I thought that.