15 weeks

Carsten turned 15 weeks on Saturday and he's constantly a reminder to me to live in the present. Time is flying by, and this is our last baby, so I'm doing my best to cherish each moment and not worry about tomorrow, next week or next month. Time is cruising and apparently it's not waiting for me to be okay with that!

Carsten loves the sound of his voice. He loves to talk, especially to Trask and his Great Grandpa Rogers, and his big brother Taylor. He is full of smiles, and his dimples melt me. He even has dimples when he's upset. I just want to eat his cheeks, at least small nibbles. He is rolling over onto his tummy, where he prefers to be. He also thinks he can go from laying on his back to sitting straight up. I think he's self-conscious about his tummy and knows that swimming-suit season is here. Although I'm not sure if he should worry about his tummy when his thighs are so amazingly gooey and plump, like mine. He's wearing 9 month clothes - beast.

Oh, and he sleeps through the night. He really does. He will go to bed around 8:30 or 9, and will wake up at like 5 or 5:30 to eat, and then back to bed until 6 or 7. LOVE IT! And I deserve this, because Taylor didn't come close to doing this until he was THREE YEARS OLD.

We hope you guys have a great week, and I'll try real hard to do the birth story blog post this week, as well. The details are already so fuzzy, all I do know is that I had the whole room in stitches from laughing so much, I was ON. I wasn't cranky or crying, I was coming up with the funniest material ever. Wish I could do that still.

Talk soon about mucous plugs, bag of waters and a bruised vagina - I know you're all excited!! You've been warned.

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sassypackrat said...

As someone whose last baby just graduated high school I can tell you how fast the time flies. Enjoy, every single minute cause it's gone before you know it!