It's Factual Friday, Y'all

Factual Friday: random facts, brought to you each and every Friday... starting NOW!

70 out of 100 people admit to picking their boogers. Out of those 7 people, 3 people admit to eating their boogers. (I've NEVER eaten a booger - even I have to draw the line somewhere).

Eating boogers isn't necessarily bad for you because it can strengthen your immune system. However, using your finger that has germs and bacteria on it to retrieve the booger is not healthy. All the icky stuff on your fingers is going inside your nose. It is also not healthy to later put that finger in your mouth.

Boogers come in all kinds of textures, colors, and sizes. They can be green, squishy, and blobby. They can be brown, dry, and crumbly. (which type is your favorite!?)

It is also possible to get boogers in your eye. That's right, eye boogers! Sometimes in the morning, you might wake up with some build up (made of mucus, dust, tear, and dead skin cells) in the corners of your eyes. Some people call this "sleep" or "crusties", but the medical term is rheum. As with your nose boogers, eye boogers can also vary in texture, color, and size. If you have allergies or an eye infection, you could have more eye boogers.

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