keyboard confessions: volume 2

Keyboard Confessions is not my idea, but I'm going to use it anyway, because I think the best way to compliment someone is by stealing their idea. Or just borrowing it and giving them a shout-out and some credit. You may also find awesome Keyboard Confessions from Kearsie of Sounds Like Tomatoes and from Amber of What The French, Toast.

I like lists and I am very random, so this is right up my alley. Let's begin. This is Keyboard Confessions: Volume 2.

1. I am feeling like a grown up today. We get to go sign the papers for our new car. Well, new to us car. But it's the newest car we've ever had. Not sure if being a grown up is super cool or if it sucks. It's a 2009 Honda Element. And if you make fun of me, I'll either cry or lash out and punch you in the crotch.

2. To counter-act the 'grown up feeling' I just had, I just told Taylor to pull my finger. You know the rest. And if you don't know the rest... who do you think you are?!

3. Just discovered Chex honey-nut flavor cereal that is gluten-free. I can't tell you how very happy this makes me. I keep thinking about the next time I can have some (that's what she said [twss]).

4. I have really neglected my lemon drop blog. I'm kinda constipated in the brain with good blog post ideas. Any ideas for me??

5. I'm growing out my hair. Not sure how long this will last, but that's my goal. Also, I cut myself some bangs all by myself a few weeks ago, and you can tell I did it myself. I suck.

6. Really wish my hair was curly. If I just let my hair air-dry, it dries kinda wavy, but not a good kind of wave. Just makes me look horrible. My hair has been rotten lately. I have roots and need to go back to my natural hair color. Wonder what that is!?

7. I'm kinda boring myself as I type this... maybe I should tell you guys something juicy.

8. One time in the summer of 2005 I shared a toilet with a girl. We went at the same time. I was dry when I was done. Not sure about her. This was after too many drinks at Darcelle's show for my sister in law's bachelorette party. I guess I couldn't hold it long enough to wait 60 seconds. Also, I didn't know her.

Funny how the only time I can walk in heels is when I've been drinking. I stick to flip-flops and water these days.

10. After reading #8, do you still want to be my friend?!

11. My girl-crush is Heather Armstrong (Dooce). Who's yours?



Anonymous said...

we can still be friends, fo sho!

I like your confessions... also I'm sad that I can't comment on your lemondrop blog cause I use foxfire not explorer...

Much More Than Mommy said...

#2: I will often tell my daughters that I want to tell them something and motion for them to come closer, then I proceed to burp in their ear. They fall for it every time. Never gets old.

#5: I'm growing out my hair so I can cut it in February for Locks of Love or Beautiful Lengths. And thinking I might also have to start coloring it then.