{Etsy Love} StephieMc Designs

Just got my 2 Tiny Tags necklace in the mail from StephieMc and I'm in Heaven!

What I love most about this necklace is that it's not super frilly or fancy. It's simple, it's fun, and it has Carsten and Taylor on the tags. I love the hammered edges on the tags and just the cleanliness of the design. I opened up the envelope, took note of the cute packaging, and then put the necklace on my neck right away. So far Carsten hasn't yanked at it at all - he saves his yanking for my hair and my neck skin!

I'm not a new customer to StephieMc Designs, and this won't be my last order. Each and every time I am more than delighted by my purchase - and Stephanie is so super sweet, too! Make sure you go and check out her Etsy shop when you can. (Like right now!).

Thanks Steph!!!

Have a happy weekend!

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