summer days

Happiness is summer days and fresh strawberry milkshakes after picking raspberries with the family!

Happiness is also your first baby turning 4 in 9 short days!

This post was brought to you in response to Leigh vs. Laundry and The Happiness Project. Go share what makes you happy!



sassypackrat said...

4 already! Yikes time is flying by!

Sue said...

Fresh strawberry milkshake! Yum!!


Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Yum! great shot of your little guy.

From Tracie said...


I love that cute look on his face. Happy early birthday to your little guy!

Kassie said...

Milkshakes are yummy!
Happy birthday to your baby.

Cathy said...

FRESH strawberry milkshake? Bestill my heart! That sounds absolutely delicous.

leigh said...

I love milkshakes. I've been hunkering down on peach milkshakes from Chic-fil-a.