It's Factual Friday, Y'all

Factual Friday: random facts, brought to you each and every Friday... starting NOW!

This week's facts are all about the lovely state of Oregon - my sweet state, with some facts focusing on my wonderful hometown, Eugene, which I will be visiting this weekend!

Eugene was the first city to have one-way streets. (and they're so damn confusing!).

Oregon has more ghost towns than any other state.

There are nine lighthouses standing along the coastline of Oregon. Five are still being used, and the others are designated historic monuments.

Eugene is rated by "Bicycling Magazine" as one of the top ten cycling communities in the United States. (A little Shauna tid-bit, I worked at a bike shop for about 6 years!).

In 1876 the University of Oregon opened in Eugene. Deady Hall was the first building on campus and still exists. (I swear it's haunted! I had a math class in that building and always had an eerie feeling, but it may have just been from having to do math!).

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Bossy Betty said...

Thanks for these facts and hope you have a great visit!

Anonymous said...

Yeah Oregon! I think I've only stopped in Eugene once to eat bbq.

Sara said...

Hooray for Oregon! It's SO much better than Washington...