keyboard confessions: volume 5

Keyboard Confessions is not my idea, but I'm going to use it anyway, because I think the best way to compliment someone is by stealing their idea. Or just borrowing it and giving them a shout-out and some credit. You may also find awesome Keyboard Confessions from Kearsie of Sounds Like Tomatoes and from Amber of What The French, Toast.

I like lists and I am very random, so this is right up my alley. Let's begin. This is Keyboard Confessions: Volume 5.

1. In the past 3 nights, I have gotten 15 hours of sleep - tops. Hubs was out of town and Carsten has re-discovered the joy of the boob at night.

2. While the hubs was in Seattle for work, he got me presents. Or nifty gifties. I got two presents. And they were both from Anthropologie. He gets big time points for this. One gift was a beautiful journal/notebook - specifically for me to write my funnies in. (love that he thinks I'm funny!). The other present: a beautiful necklace in two different colors of blue beads, consisting of 1,000 strands each. It's bold and amazing. I can't wait to wear it, when Carsten isn't still on the boob.

3. I have been making some new jewelry - I just need to take some pictures. They are inspired by my friend Marie. I want to be her.

4. I found a hooded light weight sweater at Target, made by Mossimo, and I'm in love. The kind of love where you want to take it home to meet your parents, even though you've only known them (or the hooded sweater) for a day. I had to buy another color - so now I have berry and a fun yellow. I love that it has my three essentials: hood, pouch, comfy + casual. And it's a sweater, so it makes me feel like I'm being dressy. And it's lightweight, so my monster hot flashes won't make me want to rip it off in the middle of an episode.

5. Bought a new hair dryer and all of a sudden I'm having great hair days, despite my 3 inch skank roots. I'm growing out my hair, no easy task, but I'm trying! And soon I'm hoping to make my hair darker - and MAYBE more natural.

6. The desire for a nose piercing is very strong today. We'll see if it happens soon. I sure hope so! Before I chicken out.

7. Going to The Red Light Exchange to try to find some rad t-shirts and comfies soon. I can't wait! I seem to have a knack for finding Trask super terrific shirts, but can't find me any, because my boobies are too big for everything, and why are my shoulders always too wide?! Why do small chested girls get to have all the fun!? Big boobies want a witty t-shirt every now and then!

8. Had a chai tea latte from Insomnia Coffee (right across the street from our apartment, literally), and it brought tears to my eyes. It was delicious. And I'm not just saying that. I really did cry from excitement.

9. And now for a confession, or more like a question. Do they make a specific type of deodorant for your cleavage?! It's needed.



sassypackrat said...

I know there are under the boob powders maybe something like that would work for cleavage. If you try any and they work let me know these girls could use some too.
I know about the cute T-shirts! They are all made for my skinny, modest boobed daughter! No fun ones for the big boob girls! So not fair!

Anonymous said...

Let's get our noses pierced together. I have that urge too!

rachel, find your core said...

Shauna - I recently discovered your blog, and you crack me up! Especially the toothbrush story...gosh, that really makes me want to have kids right away.
In regard to #9 (which I like to call "swoob") I don't have a sure answer, but wonder if a small amount of baby powder could help? Almost like it does for greasy hair?
ps there is also "swass", and I am inclined to say that "swoob" is the better of the two...

Jill said...

Adorable Shauna: deodorant for your cleavage!!! That is the coolest thing I've ever heard of and I think you should invent it! As for bitty booby girls having more fun--it's really not. I sink into pits of despair every time I look down and see my belly hanging out 3 feet further than my boobs. I practically cave in. It's depressing. I want boobs. And the worst part? They get even smaller when I lose weight--I always lose boob weight first! Love your boobies if only because you have them (and you can fill out the top area of a shirt). ;o)