seven months

Today marks Carsten's 7-month birthday. I can't even believe it's been seven months already! I know I say this every time, about time going by so fast, blah, blah, blah... so rather than me just talking about time, I'll update everyone on what Carsten's been up to lately.

At 7 months, Carsten is already trying to talk. He says 'I need', 'hungry', 'mama', 'dada', 'daddy' and 'hi'. I find it really weird that he's talking, but it's true. Time and time again he says those words, and in the correct context. Maybe he's our baby genius. But then again, he's been trying to eat the carpet fibers, so I could be wrong about the whole genius part...

Carsten crawls. He crawls a lot. And sometimes he does donkey kicks and also likes to pause, look up and put one hand on his hip while smiling at us, and then proceeds to crawl from one destination to another. This is insane to me, because Taylor was a bit lazier and didn't crawl until he was 8 months old or so, and Carsten has had this down for 3 weeks. HOWEVER, Carsten still can hardly sit up by himself at all times. We can get him to stay up, tri-pod style, but when he wants to crawl again, he doesn't know he can go from sitting to crawling on his own. He handles the situation a bit differently, by just crying until we put him on all fours or tip him over so he can crawl. I'm just waiting for him to start pulling himself up to a stand. He's shown interest, now let's just see when it happens.

Carsten still adores his brother, but he has a new love of wrestling with his brother. This involves Taylor laying on the floor (either waiting or totally unprepared for Carsten), and then Carsten pounces on Taylor and usually goes straight for a few things: Taylor's glasses, Taylor's eyelids, and Taylor's neck. He also has this crazy war-cry/baby squeal that only seems to come out when he's fighting Taylor. It does serve a purpose, I think. I think he's trying to make his victim go deaf, as well as any spectators. I can't hear much anymore.

While Carsten hasn't really grown up with a dog in the house, it certainly seems like he has. When Carsten is excited or happy or sometimes just because, he shakes his head back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. Over and over and over, while smiling his gummy, toothless smile.

This little peach still refuses a bottle. This means that he's pretty much attached to me. I've also decided he'll be a "boob man" and not a butt man. Taylor seems to be more interested the rear, although he does like to say boobs. Boys. Refusing a bottle also means that my boobs are tired. I wish my friends would lactate and show some support! Or at least Trask.

My favorite quirk about Carsten? He LOVES to be in the downward dog pose from yoga. I'm not sure where he picked this up, or why he does it, but he loves it. (Sorry for the bad picture quality, they were taken on different days, using my phone). He'll stay like this for minutes, sometimes doing it over and over. I think he likes to be upside down, but I'm not sure. Sometimes he poops in this position, but other times he just likes to hang out and smile at you as you walk by.

Carsten doesn't sleep through the night much at all anymore, but you know what, he's finally learned it's okay to sleep on his side and on his tummy - so hopefully that will get him sleeping longer stretches at night, because Mama is getting tired of seeing the bags under her eyes...

This has been an amazing 7 months. I feel incredibly blessed to have 2 happy boys that I can stay home with, and that mean the world to me and my husband. Carsten has definitely added a lot of fun and extra smiles and joy to our lives.

Happy 7 months, C. We adore you!

Mama, Dada


sassypackrat said...

Wow 7 months already?! And he's crawling? My kids didn't crawl until at least 9 months. You'd better keep an eye on that one, sounds like he'll be a handful! ;0)

Amber said...

I love all the yoga pictures! He's so flippin' cute!