effin' Jillian Michaels

I did my second day of Jillian Michaels' 30-Day Shred and you know what? It was easier than yesterday, however, I am so sore that I want to go to a small, dark corner and die.

When does it hurt, you ask?

- It hurts to lift my hands up to wash my hair
- It hurts to walk up and down the stupid stairs
- It hurts to dry off after a shower - and makes me just want to roll around on the bed so the sheets can absorb the water
- It hurts to bend over and pick up Carsten
- It hurts to roll over in bed
- It hurts the most knowing that I have to put that effin' DVD in the player tomorrow and have 25 more minutes of hell

I know this will be worth it. I'll be a MILF in no time flat.

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