I can read!

I didn't think the day would come that I could actually sit down and read. You know. Read a book. Not just the back of the cereal box, or the shampoo bottle, or the facebooks... but an actual book.

I never had tons of free time being a mom to one, and when number two came along (the child, not the poo), I lost even more spare minutes in my day. But guess what... I've read 4 books in less than one month. That is amazing, folks.

Want to see what I read? I highly recommend them.

1. Sweet Misfortune, by Alan Milne (my FAVORITE book!)

2. Fruit of the Lemon, by Andrea Levy

3. Mermaids in the Basement, by Michael Lee West

4. Fishbowl, by Sarah Mlynowski

Over and out, and nighty night.