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Psssst... looking for some great ideas for kids' parties that aren't the same old thing they do at every party?? I am always looking for great kid craft ideas, and I had never thought of doing a craft at a party - brilliant.

Enjoy the great ideas courtesy of Melissa with the Blog Content Guild.

Most Fun Arts and Crafts Activities for Kids’ Birthday Parties

My eight-year-old daughter and her friends absolutely love arts and crafts. Most of them are Girl Scouts, so they spend a lot of time making cool things at their meetings and they’re always in the mood to do more.

For my daughter’s birthday party this year, I got some Super Mario Bros party supplies (because Super Mario 3D Land is her favorite game), and I planned out some arts and crafts activities for the kids to do at the party. The party ended up being a whole lot of fun.

I highly recommend that other parents incorporate arts and crafts into birthday parties they host for their kids. It definitely keeps all the kids occupied and engaged. Here are some arts and crafts projects that kids love for your child’s next birthday party:

1. Friendship Bracelets – Young girls in particular love to make friendship bracelets for each other, but boys enjoy this activity too. Friendship bracelets are not only fun to make. They also strengthen the relationships of the children at the party. Making friendship bracelets is a great way for kids to bond and feel appreciated in each other’s lives. All you need is some colorful embroidery thread to make friendship bracelets. There are several methods of making them. You might have to search around online to find one that is an appropriate difficulty level for the age group.

2. Cards – All you need is some construction paper and markers for kids to make cards at your party. This is the perfect activity for very young children. If a holiday is coming up, they can make holiday cards. The children could also make a card for their parents or the birthday girl or birthday boy.

3. Finger-paintings – Kids love to finger-paint! It helps them release creative energy, use their hands, and get a little messy. Finger-painting is ideal for kids who are around the ages of 4 to 7. If the children at the party are a little older, they might like to paint with watercolors. It will make them feel more grown up, and they’ll have as much fun as younger kids do with finger-paints!

4. Seasonal Projects – Depending on what time of year it is, you might want to work on some seasonal arts and crafts projects with the kids. For instance, my daughter’s birthday falls around Halloween, so we carved pumpkins one year at her party. If your child’s birthday is near Christmas, you might want to make ornaments with the kids. Or you could dye eggs in the Spring.

So, get creative for your child’s next birthday party and keep the kids engaged with some arts
and crafts projects they’ll love!

Thanks for the great ideas, Melissa!


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