getting christmasey and crafty

I love crafts. That's all there is to it. Here's what I've been doing around the house lately when I'm not making jewelry, chasing Carsten or getting sassed by Taylor.

Mustache Ornament:
Easy-peasy! I drew half of a mustache on a cereal box, folded it and cut it out to make my mustache. I put mod podge on the top and threw glitter on it. Put some yarn on the back to hang it with and BAM, there's a glittery stache on my tree.

Yarn-Wrapped R & Yarn-Wrapped Jars:
I keep seeing things on Pinterest (my newest obsession) that are wrapped in yarn. I own yarn. I do not crochet or knit. Yet I have yarn. I must have known that I'd want to wrap everything in the house with yarn...

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