oh, eczema.

Hi pals!

Some of you may be aware, we've struggled with Carsten's eczema for almost his whole life, and I'm still not finding a solution that is working. It just seems to be getting worse, and the poor guy is pretty scaly.

He has been to an allergist, and results told us that his only allergy is to dogs and cats. And when he is around cats or dogs, his eczema does tend to flair up, however, this is not too frequent, yet his eczema remains.

All of the creams, ointments and prescriptions we have tried are not helping. His eczema has been especially terrible this summer, I'm suspecting that the heat is making him itchy. We have a cool mist humidifier in his room at night to keep his skin moisturized, but that's not helping either, besides the fact that he likes the blue light that the machine puts off, and thinks that the steam is pretty neat.

After putting Cerave (a lotion much like Cetaphil - super gentle) on him this morning, another lotion recommended by a doctor, Carsten screamed and screamed because it hurt him so much. I don't want to keep putting it on him if it hurts.

I'm thinking our next trial is going to be cutting gluten from his diet to see if that helps.

Is there anyone out there that has successfully managed eczema, or does anyone have any advice? I just picked up this new Baby Head to Toe Ointment today from Target, in hopes that the raw shea, chamomile and argan oil would help his skin out. I've put it on him once and he didn't cry, so that's a good start, yet I haven't checked to see how his skin looks.

I'd LOVE to hear your ideas and suggestions!!




two and a half

While the big one is in first grade, the little one just turned two and a half at the end of August. We had our first day of just me and little mister today, while T was at school, and it went pretty well. He felt a bit left out about not going to school, but quickly got over it when he realized that he had zero competition when it came to licking the spoon after making cookies. There are perks to being the youngest and staying home.

In an effort to pass time and preoccupy my mind while the big kid was at school today, the little one and I headed to the Jenkins' Estate and visited Nana, and took some pictures of the ham bone. (The ham bone is my son, not my mother in law).

I took a handful of pictures, but this is the picture that sticks out and truly captures this kiddo's personality. And no, he's not yelling or crying, he's just closing his eyes tight to have his picture taken. Completely natural and normal. Much like his mother.

I'll be back to blogging more, I think. I've missed you all.

first grade

Taylor started first grade today. It's true! My tummy was in anxious knots all day yesterday in anticipation for today, and as always, it turns out, I was worrying a lot more than I needed to.

Taylor had a great day! No tears were shed (from anyone, including me!), and he seems to be ready for tomorrow, although he's not too sure about being at school the whole day. I'm sure it'll be a quick adjustment. He does like that a longer school day brings an extra recess.



This is just a little pretty something that I made this morning. I am going to hang it somewhere that I see often. I'm sure I'm not the only one who needs a reminder like this, right?

first missing tooth

This kiddo lost his first tooth last night! He just LOVES looking at his new smile now, and can't quit grinning. It's blows my mind that he's old enough to lose a tooth... and to be starting first grade in less than a month. Now I'm off to go try to hold him like a baby...


summer reading

Yes, I'm also reading the 50 Shades series... but I needed to stop by the library today and choose some books that were good for my brain. And also, books that I wouldn't be embarrassed at people seeing on my side table in the living room.

I overheard Taylor asking Trask tonight if he had read the 50 Shades of Grey book yet... and I lowered my head in shame. Not that that's going to stop me from finishing the third book!

Trusty Target

Target seems to ALWAYS pull through when I need a little pick-me-up for the house. Look what I found lurking in the One-Spot (dollar bins, dollar spot, whatever…) part of the store!

This ceramic white owl delights me. I love the simplicity. I love that it can hold things. I love that it was budget-friendly, at a whopping $2.50.

Does Target delight you as much as it delights me? Tell me about it! Target success stories make me giddy.


PS: Yellow frame in the background… that’s a Goodwill success story, and I’ll share it later. It still gives me butterflies thinking about it and how much I adore it.

I've missed YOU


Hi cuties... it's been awhile, hasn't it? I've been thinking about you while I've been away. Actually, that's not true at all. I've been far too busy to even think about you even a little bit. This probably isn't the way I should start out... insulting you and all. The point is... I'm back. I guess I was worried that I didn't know what to do with this blog. But I remembered that you'll read anything I write. Or you'll ignore me. I will be a better blogger. I will TRY to be a better blogger. You'll get home projects, craftivities, family news, weird confessions and thoughts and all that jazz, with a splash of sass. 

What's my life look like currently? The hubby is great. Handsome as ever, and still laughing at my jokes, which delights me. The big kid is turning SIX years old in 15 days and is still as sweet as candy and as smart as something really smart. The little kid is a honey badger daredevil and he is almost two and a half, and he makes me sleepy. We're still living in the suburbs of Portland because I'm too scared to move into the city, and I'm still keeping busy with Lemon Kissed. I've become severely addicted to Pinterest, have been diagnosed with GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder) and I'm trying to grow my hair out, yet AGAIN. I'm LOVING life, reconnecting with friends, calming the hell down about things that used to freak me out or cause my heart-rate to shoot through the roof.

It's nice to be back.


I. can't. stop.

I love good deals. I mean, I really love good deals. And I love thrifting, repurposing and treasure hunting. Put all that together and what do you get?

The Goodwill Outlet.

True story. There is an outlet for Goodwill. Everything is piled in rolling carts, and it's a huge building with rows of carts. It is not organized. It is not pretty. It is chaotic. There are no price tags. You pay BY THE POUND.

Yesterday I found two bags full of treasures - all clothing items - I spent $13. Oh, and how many items did I buy? 35! Thirty five.

I'm a bit obsessed. And you know what? I found this top. It still had Old Navy tags on it. It is also a maternity top. This is not a sneaky way of telling you I'm expecting. The only thing I have in my stomach is a food baby. I just like the shirt. And I like the fact that this shirt cost me less than 50 cents.

Oh Goodwill Outlet, you vixen.


dude gifts

Dudes are hard to shop for for gifts. Am I right? No matter who it is, if he's a dude and I need to get him a present, I choke. I don't know what guys want. I am not a man. I have never been a man. I don't plan on being a man in the future. Guys are just hard to shop for. Period. I mean, all I can usually think of giving is beer... and that just seems lazy... until...


SO easy! Pipe cleaners, hot glue and googly eyes and BAM - reinbeer!

I found this idea on Pinterest, from this lovely blog here. I gave this to my father in law and to my soon to be brother in law for Christmas - and it was a HIT! Now I need to figure out how I can get away with this for other holidays besides Christmas.

What's your favorite go-to gift for the dudes in your life?