I. can't. stop.

I love good deals. I mean, I really love good deals. And I love thrifting, repurposing and treasure hunting. Put all that together and what do you get?

The Goodwill Outlet.

True story. There is an outlet for Goodwill. Everything is piled in rolling carts, and it's a huge building with rows of carts. It is not organized. It is not pretty. It is chaotic. There are no price tags. You pay BY THE POUND.

Yesterday I found two bags full of treasures - all clothing items - I spent $13. Oh, and how many items did I buy? 35! Thirty five.

I'm a bit obsessed. And you know what? I found this top. It still had Old Navy tags on it. It is also a maternity top. This is not a sneaky way of telling you I'm expecting. The only thing I have in my stomach is a food baby. I just like the shirt. And I like the fact that this shirt cost me less than 50 cents.

Oh Goodwill Outlet, you vixen.


dude gifts

Dudes are hard to shop for for gifts. Am I right? No matter who it is, if he's a dude and I need to get him a present, I choke. I don't know what guys want. I am not a man. I have never been a man. I don't plan on being a man in the future. Guys are just hard to shop for. Period. I mean, all I can usually think of giving is beer... and that just seems lazy... until...


SO easy! Pipe cleaners, hot glue and googly eyes and BAM - reinbeer!

I found this idea on Pinterest, from this lovely blog here. I gave this to my father in law and to my soon to be brother in law for Christmas - and it was a HIT! Now I need to figure out how I can get away with this for other holidays besides Christmas.

What's your favorite go-to gift for the dudes in your life?