oh, eczema.

Hi pals!

Some of you may be aware, we've struggled with Carsten's eczema for almost his whole life, and I'm still not finding a solution that is working. It just seems to be getting worse, and the poor guy is pretty scaly.

He has been to an allergist, and results told us that his only allergy is to dogs and cats. And when he is around cats or dogs, his eczema does tend to flair up, however, this is not too frequent, yet his eczema remains.

All of the creams, ointments and prescriptions we have tried are not helping. His eczema has been especially terrible this summer, I'm suspecting that the heat is making him itchy. We have a cool mist humidifier in his room at night to keep his skin moisturized, but that's not helping either, besides the fact that he likes the blue light that the machine puts off, and thinks that the steam is pretty neat.

After putting Cerave (a lotion much like Cetaphil - super gentle) on him this morning, another lotion recommended by a doctor, Carsten screamed and screamed because it hurt him so much. I don't want to keep putting it on him if it hurts.

I'm thinking our next trial is going to be cutting gluten from his diet to see if that helps.

Is there anyone out there that has successfully managed eczema, or does anyone have any advice? I just picked up this new Baby Head to Toe Ointment today from Target, in hopes that the raw shea, chamomile and argan oil would help his skin out. I've put it on him once and he didn't cry, so that's a good start, yet I haven't checked to see how his skin looks.

I'd LOVE to hear your ideas and suggestions!!




two and a half

While the big one is in first grade, the little one just turned two and a half at the end of August. We had our first day of just me and little mister today, while T was at school, and it went pretty well. He felt a bit left out about not going to school, but quickly got over it when he realized that he had zero competition when it came to licking the spoon after making cookies. There are perks to being the youngest and staying home.

In an effort to pass time and preoccupy my mind while the big kid was at school today, the little one and I headed to the Jenkins' Estate and visited Nana, and took some pictures of the ham bone. (The ham bone is my son, not my mother in law).

I took a handful of pictures, but this is the picture that sticks out and truly captures this kiddo's personality. And no, he's not yelling or crying, he's just closing his eyes tight to have his picture taken. Completely natural and normal. Much like his mother.

I'll be back to blogging more, I think. I've missed you all.

first grade

Taylor started first grade today. It's true! My tummy was in anxious knots all day yesterday in anticipation for today, and as always, it turns out, I was worrying a lot more than I needed to.

Taylor had a great day! No tears were shed (from anyone, including me!), and he seems to be ready for tomorrow, although he's not too sure about being at school the whole day. I'm sure it'll be a quick adjustment. He does like that a longer school day brings an extra recess.